North Star Rescue is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization that depends on public support and funding to continue rescuing endangered animals from shelters, and to provide education and support to the public. While we collect adoption fees for each animal adopted out from our rescue, those funds do not entirely cover the cost of habitats, food, bedding, toys, medical care, marketing and other costs for the hundreds of animals that come through our rescue program each year.

Volunteer with North Star Rescue

Our rescue is driven by the help of volunteers, and we have both opportunities for people who would like to volunteer in person or remotely with our rescue. We have in person volunteer opportunities that range from helping with the day to day care, cleaning and socialization of our animals, to special event volunteers to help us make our signature fundraising events each year a success. We also have remote volunteer opportunities for people who would like to contribute but can't be at one of our locations or events in the Bay Area, including administrative and data entry tasks. We are always in need of foster homes who can help care for animals coming into our rescue until they can go up for adoption. If you are interested in volunteering with North Star Rescue, please send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Donate Money to North Star Rescue

You can donate money at any one of our mobile adoption events, or securely online through PayPal to our rescue. 100% of the donated money goes directly to the rescue programs to benefit the animals and provide public education, our rescue team is an all-volunteer crew! Click the button below to donate any amount of money to North Star Rescue. Your donations go a long way, we buy all of our supplies in bulk to use donations to help as many animals as possible. You can also subscribe through PayPal to send a regular monthly donation of your choice to North Star Rescue. If just a few people can make a small monthly commitment, we can count on your donations to help us fund rescues for animals who need more extensive medical care. A majority of our subscription donations fund our emergency medical fund.

Donation Level

Shop with AmazonSmile to Donate

North Star Rescue
When you shop on AmazonSmile, 0.5% of your purchase will be donated to North Star Rescue! When you start shopping at you will see 'Supporting: North Star Rescue' at the top of the page, and you'll find the same huge selection and great prices from the normal Amazon site to choose from.

Purchase Hay from Small Pet Select to Donate to North Star Rescue

Hay from Small Pet Select Use the coupon code 'NORTHSTAR' with your order of hay from Small Pet Select and you will receive free shipping, and Small Pet Select will donate 10% of your order back to our rescue. You can also check out our Product Review of Small Pet Select Timothy Hay.

Donate a Hammock to North Star Rescue

The Rat Stash Hammocks A favorite toy at our rescue for many species is a safe fleece hammock. You can purchase discounted hammocks for rescues through the Brux & Boggle for Rescues program from The Rat Stash which are sent directly to our rescue! Large, flat hammocks are the most versatile design for our critters as they are enjoyed by rats, guinea pigs and chinchillas. Smaller hammocks with pockets are a great choice for rats, hamsters and mice.

For more information, please visit Brux & Boggles for Rescue at The Rat Stash.

Purchase Treats for Your Pets

Bunny's Fur and Feathers FunPacks offers toys and surprises tailored towards small animals which you can sign up to receive monthly. Use the coupon code NS5 to receive 5% off of your order, and Bunny's Fur and Feathers FunPacks will donate 5% of your order to our rescue! Shop online at

Donate Supplies to North Star Rescue

Would you like to donate supplies to help the animals being fostered at our rescue locations? Your gently used, no longer needed pet supplies can be put to good use enriching the lives of our foster animals while they wait for adoption. We are constantly in need of:

  • Carefresh Bedding
  • Silent Spinner Wheels
  • Rat Hammocks
  • Water Bottles
  • Heavy Ceramic or Metal Food Bowls in All Sizes
  • Fleece blankets and material
  • Small dog and cat beds for bunnies
  • Small animal carriers (Critter keepers or small wire carriers)
  • Chew Toys
  • Alfalfa and Timothy Hay
  • Lab Blocks for Rats, Hamsters and Mice
  • Grain, Oats, Barley, Rye or Cereals for Rats, Hamsters and Mice
  • Alfalfa and Timothy Hay Pellets for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs and Chinchillas

If you have supplies to donate, please contact us for the nearest drop-off site to your city. If you have small items to donate, you can also mail them to the address below.

Mailing Address

Donations can be sent via postal mail to:
North Star Rescue
c/o Dandelion Dreams
1610 Francisco Blvd.
Pacifica, CA 94010

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