We’ve been hard at work behind the scenes here at North Star Rescue and we’re excited to finally be able to share the news with you about the upcoming changes that will be happening at our rescue. We have lots of details to share with you, so we’ll start with the condensed version. North Star Rescue would like to welcome Coastside Cavy, our two rescue groups will be merging with the common goal of protecting and rescuing pet rodents in California. Our founder, Lauren Paul, will be stepping down as the Director of Operations and assuming the position as Director of Technology, passing the torch to Jenn Paz, the dynamic founder of Coastside Cavy during the merger. Our administrative headquarters and foster home in Napa will be closing and we will be shifting our administration to Pacifica, as well as announcing our newest public adoption outpost in Pacifica at Dandelion Dreams.

Whew! That’s a lot of news, let’s break it up with some more detail.

Have you had a chance to get to know Coastside Cavy yet? In September of 2013, Coastside Cavy was founded by Jenn Paz from Pacifica, CA with the goal of helping save homeless and endangered guinea pigs and quickly expanding to add space and love for rats, hamsters, mice and chinchillas in her program. Jenn has quickly become a respected and beloved member of the rescue community thanks to her passion for animal welfare and the boundless energy she has put into improving the lives of the animals she saves. After founding Coastside Cavy, Jenn went on to open Dandelion Dreams, a unique boutique pet store in Pacifica focused on providing safe products for small animals that features both adoptable pet rodents and sanctuary animals where the public can get to know them up close and personal.

The merger of North Star Rescue and Coastside Cavy will open new doors for us to make a bigger impact in the welfare of the lives of pet rodents everywhere. The combined efforts of our two groups means we’ll be able to branch out further into education with both our website and outreach programs, seeking to make a longer term impact in the welfare of rodents everywhere, not just the ones who come through our rescue. We’ll be able to spend the time to strengthen our infrastructure to support the rescue program’s continuing growth.

After nine years as the rescue’s primary director, our founder, Lauren Paul, will be undertaking a big move from the Bay Area out to the Midwest at the end of August. With the move, Lauren will be stepping down as the Director of Rescue Operations and assuming the position of Director of Technology, helping to continue the drive to develop North Star Rescue’s online presence and educational resources. With Lauren’s move, we will be closing our Napa foster home and relocating the animals there to other adoption outposts or foster homes.

We’d like to emphasize that our first priority during this transition is to make sure the animals already under our care are safe and that we don’t overwhelm our existing foster homes and adoption outposts. We’re committed to the animals in our care, and the closure of our foster homes doesn’t mean a single animal at our rescue will be at risk during the transition. During this time we have temporarily closed intake of all animals in to our rescue until our other locations have been able to make space for the animals at our Napa foster home. Our goal is to open intake again as soon as possible so we can continue to bring in animals at risk from shelters all over the Bay Area, and you can help us by either giving one of our adoptable animals a home or signing up to foster on a temporary or long term basis. We currently have ten rats, two chinchillas, twelve hamsters and four mice we need to place in new locations before we can officially close our Napa location.

Do you want to help us with our transition? We have lots of fantastic animals ready for adoption right now at locations all over the Bay Area…including at our newest location with Dandelion Dreams in Pacifica! If you can’t adopt but would like to foster an animal, send us an e-mail and we’d be happy to talk to you about a foster situation that would work for you. You can help by donating online, or simply sharing the story or pictures of our adoptable animals with your friends.

We’re very grateful for the support of the animal loving community that has helped us grow from a tiny, one person rescue project into an organization of rodent lovers that are able to save hundreds of lives every year. We hope you are as excited as we are about the future of North Star Rescue and Coastside Cavy working together to improve the lives of pet rodents everywhere.

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