We're thrilled to be featured as The Travelin' Rat's Rescue of the Month for the month of June! During this month, The Travelin' Rat has organized various fundraising opportunities for our rescue, as well as partnerships with businesses who will help contribute to our rescue. You can check out The Travelin' Rat's Rescue of the Month page for our special feature!

There are a variety of ways you can help support us during the month of June, including:

Donate to North Star Rescue's Fundraiser on YouCaring!

Donate to North Star Rescue's YouCaring Fundraiser! We are raising money on YouCaring to help pay the general expenses for our rescue, including providing food, bedding, transport and medical care for the hundreds of animals that come in to our rescue each year. Donations to our rescue are Tax Deductible, and we greatly appreciate everyone who chips in to make what we do possible.

A donation of $25 provides food for a nursing mother rat and her 12 babies for one month!

A donation of $50 provides pellets, fresh fruits and veggies, hay and bedding for a pair of adoptable guinea pigs, or some of our senior guinea piggies receiving hospice care in our sanctuary program!

A donation of $100 will pay for a spay or neuter surgery, like a life-saving spay for a female guinea pig with ovarian cysts!

Click Here to Donate to the Help Support North Star Rescue Campaign on YouCaring

Purchase a T-Shirt featuring North Star Rescue and The Travelin' Rat's Logos!

Shirts featuring North Star Rescue and The Travelin' Rat's Logo You can purchase a shirt featuring North Star Rescue's Logo and a special guest appearance of The Travelin' Rat from The Travelin' Rat's logo to show off your rescue pride! These shirts are printed in a variety of colors and will ship out towards the end of the month of June. Profits from the sale of each shirt will benefit our rescue, so you can show off your rescue connections while feeling good about helping out our small fosters.

Click Here to Customize and Order Your North Star Rescue featuring The Travelin' Rat T-Shirt





Donate up to 20% when you shop at Alma Rodentia!

Donate to North Star Rescue when you shop at Alma Rodentia!Alma Rodentia features hammocks made by our rescue's founder, Lauren Paul, in a variety of styles and patterns. You'll find a variety of hammocks made in different styles, patterns and materials, ready to hang in your pet's cage and give them something new to play on and snuggle up inside of.

10% of ALL sales made through Alma Rodentia will be donated to North Star Rescue during the month of June, and you can add an additional 10% for a total 20% donation if you use the coupon code NSRHELP at checkout.

Click Here to Shop at Alma Rodentia


Shop at Lily's Mischief or Nuts About Squirrels to Donate 10%!

The Rat Roost from Lilys MischiefNuts About Squirrels/Lily's Mischief will be donating 10% of all sales during the month of June to North Star Rescue! You can find some awesome items both for rats and rat owners in the Lily's Mischief store, or some awesome accessories for your favorite brushy tailed yard visitor in the Nuts About Squirrels Store!

Click Here to Shop at Lily's Mischief


Click Here to Shop at Nuts About Squirrels


Brewscuits is donating $1 for Every Bag of Biscuits Sold!

Brewscuits Dog BiscuitsBrewscuits are a unique product made by by dog lovers for dogs, but we've heard that rats love these treats too! Made with whole grains used for making beer, but before the fermentation process so there's no alcohol involved, Brewscuits are loaded with healthy stuff for your pets. Made without extra sugars or junk food, there's a variety of flavors and sizes for you to match them to the pet who will be enjoying them! Brewscuits is donating $1 for every bag of biscuits sold during the month of June, so stock up and help our rescue while getting your pet some tasty snacks!

Click Here to Shop for Brewscuits Biscuits

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