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    Here we've collected a variety of useful information, including tips on Choosing the Right Species of small animal for your life and lifestyle, tips on handling and socialization, the relationships of Small Animals and Children and much more. Check back, we'll be adding more all the time!

  • Pet Rat Care

    Rats are one of the most people-oriented small pets, enjoying and seeking the attention of their human owners. A well socialized rat is a great companion, and enjoys riding on shoulders, hanging out on the couch, and time out of the cage to explore a rat-proofed room. Learn more about how to care for your pet rat, including deciding if pet rats are right for you, the benefits and risks of spaying and neutering, and daily care for your pet rat.

  • Pet Mouse Care

    Mice are very easy to care for, low maintenance pets that can be an easy intro into the world of small animal keeping. While they can be shy, with consistent handling, many mice can become quite outgoing. Read on to learn more about mouse care.

  • Pet Chinchilla Care

    Chinchillas are energetic, bouncy companions who tend to do best in households with older children or adults that understand their energetic nature. As cute and cuddly as they look, many chinchillas prefer to be on the move! Chinchillas live on average for 15 years, and are a very long term commitment.

  • Pet Rabbit Care

    Bunnies are great pets that really shine when they are incorporated into the family the same as a cat or a dog. They can be litter box trained, and many bunnies enjoy living in a spacious pen with the run of the house, while there are some bunnies that can live free range full time.

  • Pet Hamster Care
    Hamsters are one of the most beloved pocket pets, their compact size and simple care needs make them a great pet for a variety of situations. There are different species of hamsters with very different personalities and needs. Read on to learn more about the differences between common pet hamster species and how to care for each of them.