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Here we've collected a variety of useful information, including tips on Choosing the Right Species of small animal for your life and lifestyle, tips on handling and socialization, the relationships of Small Animals and Children and much more. Check back, we'll be adding more all the time!

Finding a New Home For Your Small PetIf you can't keep your small animal anymore, this article will help answer questions about how to find a safe new home for your small animal, and where to turn for help.

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Keeping Warm for the WinterCold weather can be especially challenging for a small animal. Learn the risks of cold weather for your small animal and ways to keep them warm and comfortable when the weather turns colder.

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Breeding Pets - Can You Live With It?There's no question about it, baby rodents are some of the cutest things out there. Before you decide to breed your small animals, learn more about the costs, challenges and risks and decide if this is the right decision for you and your pets.

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About EuthanasiaAs your small animal gets older, you may be forced with the difficult decision to euthanise your pet if their quality of life is suffering. Learn more about euthanasia and small animals so you can make an informed decision and make sure that your pet's final days are as comfortable as they can be, and their passing is handled kindly.

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Top 10 Tips for New Pet OwnersHere we've collected our top ten tips for new small animal owners. These tips are universal to animals of all species and will help give you a good start to adding small animals to your home.

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Basic First AidBe prepared for minor medical needs before they happen to your and your small pet by learning how to provide basic first aid, what materials to have on hand, and make a better informed decision on what you can take care of at home versus what your vet should help you with.

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Small Animals & ChildrenSmall animals are often considered a great starter pet for children, but many families get off to a bad start because they weren't prepared or had different expectations of how their child would get along with small animals of different species. Learn more about introducing small animals into a home with children, including the recommended age for children to interact with different species, and tips for a happy family experience.

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Tips on Taming & SocializationHere we have gathered some general tips for how to tame and socialize your small animals so that you can both have more fun interacting together.

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Choosing the Right SpeciesYou know you want to get a small animal, but what species is right for you? Learn more about the pros, cons, and commitments associated with small animals of different species.

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Love is ColorblindWhen you are ready to bring a new small animal in to your family, please consider picking on personality first and not on color, physical appearance or gender. Did you know that albino animals or animals with red eyes who are very friendly still won't get adopted before a shy animal with fancier colors? Read more to learn about why it's important to get to know your pet beneath the surface when you adopt.

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Health Concerns for HumansWhat health concerns do small animals pose for their human families? Learn more about some of the most common misconceptions about the health concerns small animals pose for their humans, and the most common real health concerns you should keep in mind.

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