Pet Chinchilla Care

Chinchillas are energetic, bouncy companions who tend to do best in households with older children or adults that understand their energetic nature. As cute and cuddly as they look, many chinchillas prefer to be on the move! Chinchillas live on average for 15 years, and are a very long term commitment.

Meet the Chinchillas: A Chinchilla ProfileChinchillas are fluffy, acrobatic and entertaining pets. Learn more about how chinchillas were domesticated and fun chinchilla facts.

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Chinchilla Basics: A Primer on Chinchilla-OwnershipOur chinchilla primer will help you decide if chinchillas are the right pet for you. You'll learn how to choose your new pet chinchillas, what you will need to care for them, and what to expect from their basic care routine.

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A Guide to Pet Chinchilla CagesChinchillas live for 20 years, and you'll want a cage that will provide a safe environment for your chinchilla's lifetime. Learn more about how to choose a good chinchilla cage, and read our recommendations for our favorite chinchila cages.

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