Pet Guinea Pig Care

Guinea Pigs generally have a very gentle disposition, and are vocally expressive, animated pets. Their squeaks, wheeks, rumbles and antics can be a joy to have around the house. Guinea Pigs can make great first pets for gentle children, and have a longer life span then many small animals.

Meet the Guinea Pigs: A Cavy ProfileLearn more about the fantastic Cavy, more commonly known as a guinea pig, and how they came to be the beloved squeaking and wheaking pets we know today. Our profile on guinea pigs includes a brief history of guinea pigs and fun facts about one of the world's favorite pet rodents.

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Guinea Pig Basics: A Primer on Guinea Pig-OwnershipOur primer on guinea pig ownership offers advice on deciding if guinea pigs are the right pet for you, how to choose your new guinea pig, what you need for your new guinea pigs and an overview of a basic care routine for guinea pigs.

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The cage you choose for your pet guinea pig is one of the most important decisions for their health and wellbeing that you will make. Learn all about choosing a safe habitat and read more about our favorite guinea pig habitats.

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Small Pet Select Hay for Guinea PigsWe got a chance to review the Small Pet Select's Timothy Hay for Guinea Pigs and, spoiler alert, it's fantastic. Read more about this healthy hay choice your guinea pigs will thank you for. Use the coupon code NORTHSTAR at Small Pet Select and you'll get free shipping, and they will make a donation to help our rescue guinea pigs!

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