Pet Mouse Care

Mice are very easy to care for, low maintenance pets that can be an easy intro into the world of small animal keeping. While they can be shy, with consistant handling, many mice can become quite outgoing. Read on to learn more about mouse care.

Meet the Mice: A Mouse ProfileOur pet mouse profile covers the history of how pet mice became the beloved pets we know today, and fun facts about these pocket pets.

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Mouse Basics: A Primer on Mouse-OwnershipOur primer on mouse ownership will help you decide if pet mice are right for you, how to choose your new mice, what you will need to care for them and what to expect from your basic care routine.

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A Guide to Pet Mouse CagesThere are a wide variety of mouse cages on the market, and the most important decision you'll make for your mice is picking a safe and comfortable cage for them to live in. Learn more about how to choose a good mouse cage, and read our recommendations for our favorite mouse cages.

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