Who doesn’t love cute, snuggly bunnies? You might be a pet lover yourself, or you might have a child that wants a pet that they can snuggle up to. However, bunnies are not toys. They are living beings and if you want to keep one you will have to take care of it. Bunnies can be very sensitive about their living arrangements. If you want your bunny to be happy, getting the right hutch should be the first thing you do. A good hutch can be hard to find. To make it easier for you we have compiled a list of the top ten rabbit cages.

Best Indoor Rabbit Cages

1. Ferplast Krolik 140 Plus Rabbit Cage

Ferplast Krolik 140 Plus Rabbit Cage


  • Separated extension for shelter
  • Wide opening to cage
  • Hay feeder, drinking bottle, bowl included
  • Can be assembled and disassembled

What We Liked

Separate shelter: Your rabbit won’t like to be easily visible all the time. Sometimes rabbits like to have some privacy. This rabbit hutch comes with a separated shelter. It is still part of the cage, it’s just an extension that looks kind of like a house. The base also dips upward to provide a bit more separation. This can help your rabbit relieve itself outside the shelter extension without dirtying where it sleeps.

Entire front wall opens up: The opening to this cage is the entire front wire mesh. You can unhook it and lift it up to open up the cage. This is useful because it can help you clean your cage out. You will have more space to maneuver your arms and you won’t have to squeeze your rabbit in through a small door when you are done.

Accessories included: This rabbit cage comes with a lot of accessories. This includes a hay feeder, a drinking bottle and a bowl. The buying price is not very high either. This makes it surprising that so many accessories are included. These accessories make this rabbit hutch a complete housing solution for your pet.

Easy to assemble and disassemble: This cage will come to you in deceptively compact packaging. When you open the packaging up you will see the various parts of the cage. These parts are quite easy to put together. All you have to do is fit them into one another using the latches and hooks.

What We Didn’t Like

Wide doorway might let rabbit escape: The wide doorway is great for cleaning but not very good for security. Every time you open the door your bunny might get out. Another, smaller opening might have been convenient.

2. Petsfit Rabbit Hutch

Petsfit Rabbit Hutch


  • Large size
  • Suitable for indoor use
  • Treated with water based, non toxic paint
  • Constructed with cedar wood

What We Liked

Size: One rabbit can get rather lonely. You might want to get a couple so that they have each other for company. This product is perfect for that. You can easily fit two rabbits in here with enough space for both of them to have privacy. The cage’s height and multiple levels make cohabitation even easier.

Non toxic paint: The lacquered, pristine look comes from paint which is often toxic. This cage doesn’t use toxic paint, though. The paint is water based. Your pet won’t be in danger of getting sick or poisoned if they unwittingly lick the paint.

Sturdy wire: The cage is covered with iron wire mesh. This is very strong. Your rabbit will not be able to chew through it. The added security is great because rabbits often try to escape.

Good ventilation: The wire mesh is spaced a couple of inches apart. This allows more than enough air to get in. It also helps regulate the temperature of the cage. Your rabbit will feel comfortably while it is inside as long as you keep it in an airy, open place.

What We Didn’t Like

No accessories: The Ferplast Krolik cage is slightly cheaper than this product and it comes with a lot of accessories. The added price is unacceptable since you will have to spend more on a food bowl and other such accessories.

Complaints of leakage: There have been instances of feces and urine leaking out of the cage. This is because the manufacturer did not take the proper precautions for this.

3. MidWest Homes for Pets Wabbitat

MidWest Homes for Pets Wabbitat


  • 5.5 inch deep base
  • Compatible with extensions
  • Assembly does not require tools
  • Elevated feeding area

What We Liked

Hygienic: A lot of cages have a problem. They do not have a separate feeding area. This is unhygienic because your rabbit will poop and pee all over its cage. This can get into its food and cause a real mess. This cage has an elevated feeding area. Your rabbits will learn to poop in the deep base of the cage and use the tiny stairs to go up to the feeding area when they are hungry.

Door on top: Doors on the side can be inconvenient. This is because bunnies can easily escape through side doors. This cage has a handy door on top. You can open this if you need to reach in and clean something. You will be able to do this without worrying about your rabbits hopping out.

Deep base: Unlike the Petsfit Rabbit Hutch, this product has a deep base. While it misses the mark in other ways, the 5.5 inch deep base helps maintain cleanliness. You only have to worry about leakage if you don’t clean the cage in a long time.

What We Didn’t Like

Flimsy cage material: Rabbits can often be quite aggressive. This cage is not made of strong enough material. This means that your rabbits might be able to break through over time. A fall or bump could also seriously damage the cage. This is one of the things that makes it inferior to the Petsfit Rabbit Hutch.

Ineffective water bottle: This cage comes with a water bottle. However, this bottle is not very good at letting water out. Your rabbit will have to put a lot of effort in to get hydrated.

4. SUNCOO Wooden Rabbit Hutch

SUNCOO Wooden Rabbit Hutch


  • Made of wood
  • Weather proof roof
  • Single story hutch

What We Liked

Weather proof: The elements can damage your rabbit cage. This is because excess heat or cold can affect the wood. This hutch is made of weather resistant material. You won’t have to worry about any damage on very hot or very cold days.

Wood construction: This rabbit cage simply looks nice. The wood design is elegant and it will look perfect in your garage. It could also fit into your room’s interior design. The simple, no frills setup gives this product great value.

Handy stand for roof: This product has a roof that opens upward. This can be inconvenient if you need to use both hands. However, this rabbit hutch also has two wooden stands that you can use to prop the roof up.

What We Didn’t Like

Not very spacious: This rabbit cage is a little cramped, even for one rabbit. You will have to let your rabbit out from time to time otherwise it might feel claustrophobic. This is not a long term housing solution for your pet.

Difficult to clean: The wooden base tends to retain a lot of dirt. Cleaning it is difficult and time consuming. A plastic base such as the one in the Midwest Wabbitat would have worked better.

5. Trixie Rabbit Hutch with Sloped Roof

Trixie Rabbit Hutch with Sloped Roof


  • Two stories
  • Ramp leading to the second story
  • Stained pine finish

What We Liked

Nice and roomy: A rabbit can lead a nice life in this hutch. It will be safe from danger but won’t feel constricted. There is a whole second floor that it can explore. The top floor has two sections as well. Inquisitive rabbits will have lots of fun in this cage.

Can withstand a lot of weight: A lot of hutches are not designed to take heavy rabbits. This hutch is different because it can withstand a surprising amount of weight. This is perfect for fat rabbits or if you want to house more than one animal.

What We Didn’t Like

Pieces don’t fit together well: Setting this cage up is going to be a very frustrating experience. A lot of the pieces are too big or too small for one another. This is poor design and reduces the overall value of this product.

Difficult to clean: Cleaning this cage can be very difficult because the pieces don’t fit together well enough. This is a problem because poop and urine stuck between the cracks can fester and potentially cause illnesses.

Best Outdoor Rabbit Cages

6. GOOD LIFE Two Floors Wooden Outdoor Indoor Bunny Hutch

GOOD LIFE Two Floors Wooden Outdoor Indoor Bunny Hutch


  • Made of Chinese fir
  • Two floors with separate, covered sections
  • Weighs about fifty pounds

What We Liked

Very roomy: This cage is big enough to house at least two rabbits. Three or even four rabbits can fit in here without too much trouble. The great thing is that this cage has two floors, and each floor has a space with a door in it. This door is opaque. This means that your rabbit can sleep there with some privacy.

Made of strong wood: A rabbit hutch needs to be strong to prevent these critters from escaping. It also needs to keep them safe. The wood that this product is made of is Chinese fir. This is a very sturdy and durable wood. It is resistant to the weather and does not get damaged quickly either.

Price: This product isn’t exactly cheap, but it is an outdoor product after all. Most outdoor products are a lot more expensive. Besides, this product provides a lot of value for money.

What We Didn’t Like

Difficult to construct: This cage is not easy to set up. You will need power tools to properly construct it. This product also comes with special glue which often does not dry well enough.

7. Petsfit Bunny Cages

Petsfit Bunny Cages


  • Asphalt roof
  • Three lockable doors
  • Two stories

What We Liked

Weather proof roof: This cage comes with a roof made of asphalt. This is a very sturdy material. It is also resistant to water. You can leave your pet outside in this cage and not have to worry when it rains.

Three separate doors: This cage has a lot of points of entry. This is useful for cleaning. You can put your rabbit on the second story while you clean the bottom one. Your rabbit won’t have any way of escaping because only the bottom door would be open.

Homely design: This hutch is designed to look like a little house. This is a delightful design choice. It helps make the hutch fit into your garden aesthetic

What We Didn’t Like

Some complaints of leaking: The roof is watertight but apparently the base is not. This product will definitely give you some leakage. It’s a good thing it’s an outdoor cage, otherwise your house might get dirty.

Bar spacing too thin: The manufacturer made the bars too narrowly spaced. This might have been for security but it prevents ventilation. It also makes the cage more difficult to clean.

8. Advantek The White Picket Fence Rabbit Hutch

Advantek The White Picket Fence Rabbit Hutch


  • House like design with white picket fence
  • Insect and rot resistant wood
  • Auburn and white color

What We Liked

Cute design: This is a uniquely designed rabbit hutch. Much like the Petsfit Bunny Cage it looks like a house. However, this product takes this design a step further. It gives the house a white picket fence as well.

Extra large: If you are looking for a very spacious home for your pet bunny, this is it. This is one of the most spacious cages on the market.

Durable wood: The wood this cage is made of isn’t just sturdy. It is resistant to rot as well. It also prevents termites from causing an infestation and compromising the integrity of the structure.

What We Didn’t Like

Picket fence not durable: The picket fence may look nice but your bunny might start chewing on it and damage it. It’s not going to last very long if this starts happening.

Roof doesn’t stay open: Cleaning this cage is going to be a little difficult because you will have to hold the roof open. This is inconvenient and should have been dealt with in the manufacturing process. If you consider how much of a handful rabbits can be this seems even more inconvenient.

9. Kinbor Triangular Rabbit Hutch

Kinbor Triangular Rabbit Hutch


  • Galvanized wire mesh
  • Powder coated lattice
  • Fir frame

What We Liked

Two story design: The manufacturer decided to go with a classic two story design. This helps make the hutch roomy and quite pleasant.

Good temperature control: An outside hutch needs to keep your bunnies relatively warm and safe. This hutch can control its internal temperature a little because of how it’s constructed. The interior will always be warmer or cooler than the outside depending on the weather.

Two doors and two cage openings: You can access the inside of this cage with one of the two doors or with the cage openings. These multiple access points help you get to the area that needs the most attention.

What We Didn’t Like

Not high enough off the ground: This hutch is basically right on the ground, presumably so your bunnies can be close to the grass. This is inconvenient because it makes them susceptible to predators and such.

Sliding trays get stuck: The sliding trays are meant to make cleaning easy but they often get stuck. This is a serious problem because it can cause dirt to fly everywhere and is very unhygienic.

10. KOUSI Expandable Small Animals plastic Playpen

KOUSI Expandable Small Animals plastic Playpen


  • Large space
  • Enclosed netting
  • Heavy steel wiring

What We Liked

Roomy design: This cage is great because it does not have any unnecessary accessories. Instead, it gives your bunnies a comfortable, wide space to play around in. Your bunnies won’t have to navigate around obstructions.

High walls: While this product does not have a roof, it has quite high walls. These are good enough to keep your bunnies from escaping. It also protects them from any predators that might attack.

Can be set up anywhere: You can move this product easily. All you have to do is pick up the panels and set them up elsewhere. There is no roof or floor which makes this a portable and convenient product to use.

What We Didn’t Like

More of a playpen than a hutch: This is a nice area to let your bunnies play around in. However, it is not a living arrangement. It is good for portable use but is not a final solution for your bunnies.

Leaves a lot to clean up: If you put your bunnies in this pen, they will poop and pee everywhere. Since this pen does not have a floor, all of this dirt will end up on your floor. This can be a real nightmare to clean up.

Bunnies require a lot of love and care, and these hutches can help you give this to them. They are going to be ecstatic at the amount of space they have with any of these cages. All needs have been accounted for in the list mentioned above, with the Ferplast Krolik hutch standing tall as the best of the best. The Good Life Hutch is perfect for outdoor use, and if you want something portable the Kousi Expandable Playpen can tide you over until you are in a more permanent setting.


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