Pet Rat Care

Rats are one of the most people-oriented small pets, enjoying and seeking the attention of their human owners. A well socialized rat is a great companion, and enjoys riding on shoulders, hanging out on the couch, and time out of the cage to explore a rat-proofed room. Learn more about how to care for your pet rat, including deciding if pet rats are right for you, the benefits and risks of spaying and neutering, and daily care for your pet rat.

Meet the Rats: A Rat ProfileGet a basic introduction to the fantastic pet rat, including their history and an overview of these clever rodents.

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Rat Basics: A Primer on Rat OwnershipSo you think you are ready to bring pet rats home, but there's so much to learn about care! Our primer on rat ownership will give you a good place to start, and offers advice on determining if rats are the right pet for you, how to choose your rats, what you need for them and what your basic care routine will be.

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A Guide to Pet Rat CagesThe cage you choose for your pet rat is one of the most important decisions for their health and wellbeing that you will make. Learn all about choosing a safe habitat and read more about our favorite rat habitats, and what type of rats they are best for.

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Spaying & Neutering RatsShould you spay or neuter your pet rats? Learn more about the risks and benefits of spaying and neutering your pet rats, including reduced aggression and less risk of tumor development.

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