Purchasing a safe and appropriate habitat for your pet rats is one of the biggest decisions you will make for their well being, and it is often the largest expense when you are first starting out with rats. In this article, we will discuss basic cage safety, general habitat requirements, and show you some of the best options on the market for your pet rats.

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Top 7 Pet Rat Cages

Product NameDimensionsBase PanWire Spacing 
Prevue Hendryx Earthtone31"x20.5"x40"Solid, metal, removeable0.375 inches Check Price
Kaytee24"x24"x41.5"Solid, plastic, not removable1 inch Check Price
Midwest Critter Two Story36"x 25"x 63"Solid, metal, removeable0.5 inches Check Price
Prevue Hendryx30"x20"x54"Solid, metal, removeable0.875 inches Check Price
Living World Hagen11.8"x9"x8.3"Solid, plastic, not removableN/A Check Price
Kaytee My First Home30.5"x18"x30"Solid, plastic, not removable0.5 inches Check Price
Midwest Critter36"x25"x 38.5"Solid, metal, removeable0.5 inches Check Price

1. Prevue Hendryx Earthtone Dusted Rose Rat & Chinchilla CagePrevue Hendryx Earthtone Dusted Rose Rat & Chinchilla Cage


  • Durable metal ramps and platforms
  • Secure locks
  • Can be used for different animals
  • Multiple levels.

What We Liked

Very durable: This product is made of very durable metal. Once you buy it you won’t have to worry about buying another cage for many years. A durable cage is important because these cages are used to take rats from one place to another, and they often fall or bump into things on the way. Such things can cause a lot of damage, so it is good that this cage will be able to handle it.

Highly secure: It can be very frustrating to keep your rats safe and sound only to find that the lock was not tight enough. This can lead to your pets escaping. Thankfully, this cage has an excellent locking mechanism that is so secure it will never get randomly unlocked. This is one of the benefits that make this the best two story rat cage in the market.

Multiple levels: Rats are very social animals, so you would want to give your pet rat a friend. You need the best multi level rat cage, one that is big enough to handle two rats. This is the best cage for two rats because it has multiple levels with ramps that you can use if you wish. This will give your pet rats enough room to play around and have their own space. This much space also helps your rats get enough exercise

Can be used for different animals: Rats are great pets, but this rat cage can be used for other kinds of pets as well such as chinchillas and ferrets.

What We Didn’t Like

Difficult to assemble: You won’t mind working hard for your pets, but this rat cage can sometimes be too difficult to assemble because it has so many complex parts.

2. Kaytee Multi-Level Habitat w/Removable Casters

Kaytee Multi Level Habitat with removeable casters


  • Very easy to clean
  • Plenty of activities
  • Easy to assemble
  • Colorful.

What We Liked

Easy to clean: This product is the best easy clean rat cage because it is is made of smooth plastic. This material is easy to clean. All you will have to do is dust off any crumbs that might be present and then wash with warm water and soap. The plastic is a lot more comfortable for your pet rats too.

Lots of activities: One of the reasons that this is the best extra large rate cage is that it has so many fun slides and tunnels for your rats. Rats love to play around, and this cage gives them fun stuff to do at no extra charge.

Good value for price: A lot of rat cages are very expensive. This cage has a lot of positive features which might make you think it costs a lot of money but it’s actually one of the most affordable rat cages out there.

Multiple levels: If you have two or more rats, this cage will be perfect for them. This is the best three story rat cage in the market because it is quite roomy and comfortable. Each level has its own special feature as well, and your rats will enjoy all of them.

What We Didn’t Like

Not durable: The platforms inside this cage are made of plastic, which is easy to clean but not very durable. You should be careful while using this cage because it can suddenly break even if you weren’t using it roughly.

Horizontally cramped: This product is tall but it’s not wide enough to give your rats space to move around. They will have to move up and down which might get boring.

3. Midwest Critter Two Story Nation Double Unit with Stand

Midwest Critter Two Story Nation Double Unit with Stand


  • Made of sturdy metal
  • Two separate but connected stories
  • Durable wire.

What We Liked

Durability: This is the best metal rat cage we were able to find on the market. The platforms and bars are very sturdy, so you can let your rats play around without worrying about any damage they could cause. The metal cage also helps to keep your rats from escaping.

Very roomy: This cage has a lot of room. Your rats will have plenty of space to go upwards and sideways. This can help them explore and create spaces for themselves. Small cages tend to make your pet rats feel suffocated and can make them restless. This cage will help your rats stay comfortable and explore their natural instincts.

Chew proof wire: Rats are very mischievous animals. Cages with weak wires can be dangerous because rats can chew through them to escape. This cage comes with very strong wire that your rat’s will not be able to chew through. Your rats will be in danger if they escape from their cages because they might eat something that’s bad for them or get into a hazardous situation. This chew proof rat cage can help you rest easy.

What We Didn’t Like

Heavy: Cages are meant to help frequent travelers take their rats along with them. This cage is made of sturdy metal which is very durable but it is also quite heavy. You will have a tough time carrying this rat cage around which can be a problem if you are moving to a new house or are going on a trip and want to take your pets with you.

Price is slightly high: Even though you probably won’t mind spending a lot of money on your pets, this cage is quite expensive and some cheaper options are better than it.

4. Prevue Hendryx Black Feisty Ferret Cage

Prevue Hendryx Black Feisty Ferret Cage


  • Lots of room
  • Ramps, platforms, and hammock included
  • Accommodates multiple rats.

What We Liked

Very spacious: This is the best extra large rat cage because it has two separate levels as well as ramps connecting these levels. Your rat will have plenty of room to run around and if there are multiple rats they will be able to play fun games with each other.

Free accessories: The ramps, platforms and hammock are all included in the sale price. The hammock especially is a nice touch because your pet rat will love sleeping in it.

Wheels are useful: This rat cage has wheel tipped legs. This makes it easy to move around which is great for people that don’t have a fixed place to put their rats.

What We Didn’t Like

Bland look: Rats usually like it when their home looks pretty. This cage is dull looking so you might need to add some color if you want your rats to be happy in it.

Not comfortable: The hammock is a comfortable spot but there is only one so some of your rats might have to sleep on cold metal. You can add padding to the cage but the product itself is not very comfortable.

5. Living World Hagen Pet Carrier

Living World Hagen Pet Carrier


  • Lightweight
  • Well ventilated
  • Secure doors.

What We Liked

Easy to carry around: This rat cage is meant to help you take your rats from one place to another. It is very lightweight which helps make it perfect for this task! It’s a portable rat cage for people that are attached to their pets and want to carry them wherever they go.

Good ventilation: Portable cages are useful but they are bad for your rat’s health. This is because they don’t have good ventilation. This rat cage has good ventilation though, so you should definitely consider getting it. Your rat will be comfortable while you carry it around.

What We Didn’t Like

Not durable: While this is the best small rat cage for portability, it’s not very durable. The material will easily get damaged if you bump into things, so if you travel a lot this cage won’t last very long.

Only good for traveling: You can’t use this as a permanent home for your rat. It is good for temporary use while you are traveling, but it won’t be a good permanent home because it is too cramped and it does not have ramps or platforms that your rats can play on. You will need to buy something else for a permanent home.

6. Kaytee My First Home Multi-Level Habitat for Exotics

Kaytee My First Home Multi-Level Habitat for Exotics


  • Extra narrow wire spacing
  • Chew proof locks
  • Multiple levels.

What We Liked

Prevents pets from escaping: The narrow wires are impossible to get through, and they are made of tough material so your rat won’t be able to chew through them either. The locks are also made of a chew proof material.

Multiple levels: There are curvy slides and three separate levels in this rat cage. This gives your rat a lot of different fun games that it can play, although it won’t be able to share this space with a friend because it’s too small.

Affordable: This is the best budget rat cage out there, possibly one of the most affordable products around.

What We Didn’t Like

Not durable: The best cheap rat cage won’t be made of very good materials. This means that you can’t let this cage fall or go through rough treatment, otherwise you will have to end up buying a new one again and again.

Cramped: Even if you have one rat, it will feel a little cramped in this cage because there’s not a lot of space. You will have to let your pet out if you want it to be happy, so this cage isn’t big enough to be perfect.

7. Midwest Critter Single Story Nation Double Unit with Stand

Midwest Critter Single Story Nation Double Unit with Stand


  • Double doors
  • Metal construction
  • Spacious.

What We Liked

Enough room for two rats: Rats never like to be alone, but you need a big cage if you want to keep two rats. This cage is big enough to keep two rats happy and playful.

Sturdy: When you buy this cage you will have something you can use for years. It won’t break down easily, which is why it is the best medium rat cage that you can by. It also comes at a comparable price range which is important for people on a budget.

What We Didn’t Like

Single story: This cage is nice and wide but it only has a single story. This means that two rats can sleep inside it easily but they might become bored because they don’t have enough space to climb. Rats love climbing, and you need to get a cage that lets them do that.

Wheels get stuck: A frequent complaint with this product is that its wheels get stuck while you are moving it around. The wheels are supposed to make the product more portable but they end up having the opposite effect. This makes the product less satisfying because you don’t get enough value for your money.

A Buying Guide to Pet Rat Cages

Rats are very underrated pets. They are friendly, loyal and a lot smarter than people think they are. They are also quite low maintenance unlike dogs and cats. However, you will have to make a few investments if you want your rat to feel safe and at home. The first investment you will have to make is a rat cage. Since this cage will be your rat’s home and personal space, you need to make sure you buy the right one. This article discusses the various considerations that need to be made to buy an excellent cage.

Cage Size

Size requirements depend on how many rats you want as pets. Each rat should get at least a couple of feet of space to play around. This will give them plenty of room for privacy without isolating them from their cage mates. You should also take into consideration the specific needs of each rats. Intact male rats often get aggressive if they don’t have a lot of space, so you might need to give them a little extra room. Generally, though, two cubic feet of room is going to be enough for each rat.

Getting a well sized rat cage is important for a lot of reasons. Firstly, it helps the cage to stay clean for longer. This will keep your rats healthy because they won’t be exposed to so much ammonia. They will also be more prone to exercise if they have this much space. Adequate room to move in also makes rats more social. It is important that you try to keep your rats social so that they can play games with each other. This really improves their health because rats need complex communities and social engagements to survive.


There are a lot of things you need to consider about the structure of your rat cage. Firstly, you need to think about ventilation. You need to get a cage that has space between the bars for air to pass through quickly. Basically, the air inside the cage shouldn’t remain still otherwise your rats will fell sick. Anything that doesn’t have well spaced bars will be terrible for your rat. It will prevent adequate air circulation which can reduce your rat’s life expectancy.

One thing you should keep in mind is that the bars can’t be too far apart. Rats can squeeze through small spaces. The bars need to be narrow enough to prevent your rats from escaping. Narrow bars are also important if you have kids. Children are curious and might want to stick their fingers into the cage to play with the rats. This is dangerous because your rats might bite their fingers. Narrowly spaced bars can help prevent this from happening as well.

Another important aspect of structure is the base of the cage. A lot of people get cages with wire floors. This is for cleanliness purposes. Poop can fall through the spaces in the wires and your rats won’t have to deal with a dirty floor. However, this can cause problems as well. If your rats are constantly walking on wire mesh they could get injured. The wire pressing into their feet can cause a condition known as bumblefoot. This is when your rat’s feet get swollen and infected. Instead of wire mesh, you should try to get a solid floor. Your rats can walk around on these easily without getting injured.

Finally, the structure of your rat cage needs to give your rats some fun activities. Getting a multi leveled cage is a good idea. Your rats can climb up the ledges and turn it into a game. This also gives them good exercise. You should also look at how old your rats are. If you have an elderly rat, multiple levels can be inconvenient for it. It would have to move too much and this could cause it unnecessary strain. If you have an elderly rat, try to get it a flat cage. This will help it stay active without exerting itself too much.


Since this cage is an investment in your rat’s comfort, you want it to be made of the best material. The material the cage is made of should be very durable. It should be resistant to the elements and difficult to damage. However, these are secondary characteristics. More important than these things is how the material effects your rat.

You should get a material that is fairly easy to clean. Metal is durable, but plastic is easier to wash. A good idea would be to get a cage with a metal base and then place a sheet of laminate on top of it. This laminate can be taken out and cleaned regularly without compromising the durability of your cage.

Material also affects comfort. A hard metal floor is not a nice surface to sleep on. You should find a cage that has soft bits or add carpeting to your cage if you weren’t able to find something like that. This will help your rat stay happy and comfortable in its cage.


A rat cage can often be quite large, especially if you have a cage meant for multiple rats. You need to find something that can be easily disassembled. This will help make it more portable. If you have to travel, you can just fold the cage up and take it along with you. This is also useful for when you are moving house. You probably plan to move at some point, so getting a rat cage that would make it easier to do that is a good idea.

A large rat cage also needs to have wheels on it. You can’t take your rats out every time you need to move the cage. Wheels let you move it without having to take them out. This is an important feature that a lot of cages don’t have, so try to avoid those.


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