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A guinea pig will chase a toy, ball, bat, or pick up a paper plate and toss it around using the mouth. This is amazing, isn’t it?

Given the guinea pig timid, prey-animal nature, it is advisable to provide the best and most entertaining toys for her to play with.

The market is full of all sorts of toys for small pets, but not all of them will be safe and charming for your guinea pig. As such, you have to be a very selective pet parent.

Here are our five recommendations that we believe your small furred friend will love to bounce around with all day long in her cage.

Top 5 Guinea Pig Toys

#1. Winni Guinea Poo Toys

Key Features:

  • Cute gift for guinea pigs
  • Made of natural and safe materials
  • Easy for pets to get used to and play

Winni Guinea Poo Toys great logic toy for small pets, including guinea pigs, chinchillas, and rabbits. It is a cute honey bucket for morning and evening pellets delivery.

It is made of natural materials, which is great because these materials are safe for your small furred friend to play with all day long.

This model has an impressive bucket design with an attractive lid that is super easy for your guinea pig to carry off the bucket.

The easy logic design is skillfully crafted, which is great because it helps your small furred friend learn how to play quicker than you would have expected.

The bucket design is great for scavenging, which does a great job of encouraging foraging as well as mental stimulation in your furred friend.

This is a charming gift for your guinea pig and you can spice up the surprise by putting treats in the jar for the little adorable friend to find.

Things We Like:

  • Suitable choice for guinea pigs, chinchillas, and rabbits
  • Natural materials are safe for small pets
  • Great gift idea for stuffing treats inside
  • Bucket design encourages foraging and mental stimulation

Things We Don’t Like:

  • Doesn’t have attractive colors or patterns

#2. Niteangel Small Animal Activity Toy

Key Features:

  • 100 percent natural materials
  • No metal, plastic, or glue used
  • Extra deep base allows deep filling
  • Variety of materials used

Niteangel is specialized in pet supplies, providing your guinea pigs, sparrow, hummingbird, hedgehog, or chinchilla with cute playing balls.

The balls are made of different high quality materials, including rattan, water hyacinth, seagrass, and natural cornhusk. No artificial or chemical fibers used.

The materials are hand knitted and tied together with twine to create an all-natural tight guinea pig playing ball and pet toy.

The all-natural materials used to create these balls will not harm your small furred friend or the environment and its habitat.

The rattan, water hyacinth, sea grass, and natural cornhusk are all naturally biodegradable products that are much better compared to artificial or plastic toys.

What’s so impressive about these balls is that they have extra deep bases, which is great because you can stuff litter for burrowing and tunneling.

Apart from filling the deep bases with litter, you can stuff the balls with lip-smacking greens, snacks, or treats.

Things We Like:

  • Made of naturally biodegradable materials
  • Water hyacinth, sea grass, and natural cornhusk are safe materials
  • Extra deep bases for burrowing and tunneling
  • Easy to stuff treats and snacks inside the balls

Things We Don’t Like:

  • Loose strands may entangle your guinea pig

#3. Zalalova Hamster Chew Toys

Key Features:

  • Ten-pack wooden chew toys
  • Made of natural and non-toxic materials
  • Materials are MSDS approved
  • Have a beautiful and exquisite shape
  • Suitable for most small animals

In about three years’ time, your guinea pig will be too old to play and have fun. So, why don’t you get her the cute Zalalova Hamster Chew Toys now!

These toys are made of natural wood, which are selected first class materials. The wood was naturally sun dried in order to control the hydration rate.

The different pieces were polished repeatedly, which is great because the polishing produced smooth corners and edges that will not hurt your guinea pigs.

The complete pack provides your small furred friends with all the cute toys, including a rattan ball, watermelon balls, molar string, climbing ladder, seesaw, bell roller, bell swing, and squared molar block with rope.

The availability of many different toys makes this collection ideal for your guinea pigs, hamsters, birds, rats, gerbils, chinchillas, rabbits, and other small pets.

Your little pal will have the time of her life playing with the dumbbell, bell roller, rattan ball, and the square molar block with rope.

In fact, you can fill the rattan ball with sweet greens and hearty treats to help grab the attention of your small pet.

Things We Like:

  • Many toys in one pack
  • Naturally sourced materials are safe for small pets
  • MSDS approved parts are highly reliable
  • Easy for your little pal to learn all sorts for skills

Things We Don’t Like:

  • Could be more attractive with colors and patterns

#4. Living World Hagen Pet Tunnel

Key Features:

  • Extension tunnel
  • Can be attached to a tent
  • Available in medium and large sizes
  • Folds up easily for storage

Your guinea pig can have fun all day long playing inside the Living World Hagen Pet Tunnel. The perfect design for nurturing tunneling and burrowing skills.

It is uniquely made for easy attachment to a Living World Tent, which is great because it provides your small pet with a special playing spot.

It can easily be attached to another extension tunnel (which is sold separately), providing your guinea pig with a long and comfortable hideout.

The long cylindrical structure of the tunnel is designed from a spiral wire frame that is covered with an easy to clean polyester fabric.

Installing the tunnel to a Living World Tent is super easy with the Velcro attachments at the far ends of the tunnel. There’s also an opening in the middle for attaching a matching tunnel.

You can enhance its indoor and outdoor use by using corner ties to keep it secured to the ground. This helps to promote exploration and play.

Things We Like:

  • Available in medium and large sizes for preference
  • Can easily be attached to another tunnel or tent
  • Spiral wire frame used is safe and comfortable
  • Velcro attachments allow for easy ground installation
  • Promotes exploration and play

Things We Don’t Like:

  • It may be shorter than you would have expected

#5. Hamiledyi Grass Mat Woven Toy

Key Features:

  • 100% natural materials
  • Hand-woven design that’s long-lasting
  • Perfect for digging and chewing
  • No chemicals or pigments, safe for small pets

The Hamiledyi Grass Mat Woven Toy is the perfect choice for juvenile and old guinea pigs. It provides the ideal playing spot for everyone.

It is hand woven from natural grass, which is great because the lawn is sustainable and suitable for your pet to dig and chew and she explores her habitat.

The heavy-duty design can take a lot of abuse from your guinea pig, but it will stand firm and durable for a reliable duration.

This mat toy can literally be installed anywhere, including guinea pig and rabbit cages. It can also be hanged as a hammock inside a cage.

Unlike conventional products, this mat toy does not contain pigments or chemicals. It features natural and pure grass, making it safer for digging and chewing.

Another impressive feature of this mat is the fact that it provides a cozy place to lazy around during the day. Your senior guinea pig will be happier.

Things We Like:

  • Hand woven design is highly sustainable
  • Highly durable, can withstand repeated use
  • No pigments or chemicals used in its creation
  • Offers a cozy spot for napping

Things We Don’t Like:

  • May produce a bad smell if exposed to water

Things to Consider Before Buying

If you are an experienced small pet owner, then you understand how much guinea pigs enjoy playing. Your little pals need to stay occupied with interesting and safe toys.

Providing toys helps to get rid of boredom, which in turn keeps destructive and mischievous behaviors to a minimum.

Playing encourages exercise to help keep your guinea pig physically fit. You can always make toys at home, using simple accessories and materials.

But if you choose to buy from the market, you should consider the following:

Chewing, Digging, Burrowing, and Tunneling

Guinea pigs are well-known for their chewing, digging, burrowing, and tunneling expertise. In the wild, they chew a lot of herbage in their natural habitat, and some of it is usually tough.

Their built-in behaviors will not go away when you put them in a domestic setup. They remain as natural, normal manners.

If your domestically raised guinea pig is not provided with ways to chew and dig, she might exercise dangerous and destructive chewing and digging behaviors.

The idea here is to look for toys that will stimulate and enhance their natural behavior without resorting to dangerous and destructive chewing and digging.

Various toys that are made for guinea pigs can offer sustainable substrates for chewing. Entertaining and chewable toys will keep your small pets glued to their cage.

You might opt to buy toys that are chew resistant, but such toys will not be the most ideal ones in the long run.

Those little teeth were designed for chewing, burrowing, and digging. So, failure to put them to good use may result in significant dental problems.

Toy Varieties that are Suitable for Guinea Pigs

As we earlier mentioned, there are so many toys in today’s market. In fact, the choices might overwhelm you. But it doesn’t have to be a difficult proposition.

Here are the most popular toys that your guinea pig will not shy away from:

  • Rattan, water hyacinth, sea grass, or natural cornhusk ball

This is a good toy for keeping your pet active all day long. All these natural materials are sustainable. So, your guinea pig will always be chewing while playing and having fun.

  • Watermelon balls

These balls are good for stuffing treats and snacks. They also ensure your little furred friend stays in good shape.

  • Molar string

Molar strings can be made of chewable wood or simply chewable treats, including dried fruits and palatable wood materials.

  • Climbing ladder

A ladder will help stimulate and improve the climbing skills of your small pet.

  • Squared molar block with rope

This is a unique toy that helps to stimulate as well as enhance various skills for your little pals.

  • Seesaw

This can create an adventurous game or exercise between two guinea pigs.

  • Grass hay mat

A grass hay mat is an all-rounded toy design that has multiple functions. Your pet can use it to dig and play around or transform it into a resting zone after eventful burrowing.

  • Bell swing

Made of natural and chemical free wood, a bell swing is an important addition to the cage of your guinea pig. This type of toy alleviates boredom and enhances activity levels. This ensures your small pet has a fun and interesting spot to play the whole day.

  • Dumbbell

Usually made of non-toxic and harmless natural wood. This toy ensures your guinea pigs work out and play throughout. Your little pal will get more interested in the toy whenever she pushes it around the cage.

Final Thoughts

There are so many ways you can stimulate and enhance the chewing, digging, burrowing, and playing traits of your small furred friend.

Simple ideas for guinea pig toys may include: dumbbells, bell swings, grass hay mat, seesaw, climbing ladder, watermelon balls, and molar string.

Not all toys you buy will be loved by your small furred friend. So, it is always advisable to observe how your little friend interacts with the toy or toys.

Make sure you don’t buy toys that have sharp edges or made of rough materials that may hurt your small pets. Also, try to avoid plastic toys that may contain harmful chemicals.

Best Guinea Pig Water Bottle – Complete Guide (with Buying Tips) Wed, 15 Jan 2020 08:32:33 +0000 Guinea pigs need a good amount of water to stay healthy and hydrated. In fact, a hot sunny day may cause their thirst to increase.

On the other hand, if your small furred friend drinks too much, she could probably be suffering from a given illness.

You can regulate the amount of water your guinea pig drinks by buying a good quality water bottle. The design and material of the bottle should be of good quality.

Not all the water bottles for small pets will have the ideal design and material. Lucky for you, we managed to find five bottles that your little pal will love to drink from.

Top 5 Guinea Pig Water Bottles

#1. Choco Nose Patented No Drip Bottle

Key Features:

  • US Patented
  • No Drip
  • 2 Ounce Capacity
  • Easy Installation
  • Mini-Sized Nozzle Suitable for Guinea Pigs

Choco H128 is an important accessory for your lovely small furred friend. This unique bottle is designed from heavy-duty plastic that will not get damaged easily.

The bottle is equipped with a stainless steel valve that has the ideal tightness, which is great because it ensures your pet drinks clean water always.

It has a user-friendly and ergonomic screw-on bracket that is remarkably easy to install, which makes it easy to snap on and off when you want to clean and refill.

This product comes with a nail-on bracket, which is great because it allows you to nail the bottle on wooden furniture or wall with screws.

This bottle has a resourceful transparent tank that allows you a one glance check on the water level, making refilling super easy.

It has a practical fastening system, which adapts easily with most types of cages. It is; therefore, a very versatile product for any guinea pig parent.

The nozzle design may be more leak-proof than you may have expected, which may possibly fail to dispense water for your small pet.

Things We Like

  • Screw-on and nail-on brackets allow for simple installation
  • No drip design doesn’t mess the habitat
  • 10 mm nozzle is safe and convenient
  • Transparent bottle makes refills easy

Things We Don’t Like

  • May be a little bit too tight

#2. Depets No Drip Small Animal Water Bottle

Key Features:

  • Plastic design
  • 320 ml capacity
  • Twin ball non-leak
  • Gnaw resistant spout

Depets is a sturdy and well-made water bottle for all your small pets, including your guinea pig, rabbit, or pigeon. The plastic used in its construction is strong and durable.

It has a completely no-drip nozzle, which is great because it ensures the habitat stays dry and clean, ensuring that bacteria don’t have a breeding ground.

The stainless steel nozzle is rust resistant and long-lasting. Also, it prevents food crumbles from contaminating the water in the bottle.

This is quite a small size design of 250 ml capacity, but it holds more than enough water for keeping two guinea pigs hydrated for twenty four hours.

The bottle comes with a reliable screw-on attachment that is remarkably easy to install on a caged guinea pig habitat.

Using the bottle is super easy. Just fill up with water and then turn it upside down with the spout facing downwards. Then press the steel ball to get rid of all the air in the bottle.

Things We Like:

  • Perfect for a guinea pig, rabbit, or pigeon
  • BPA free design is safe for small pets
  • High capacity of 250 ml is more than enough
  • Does not leak and release adequate amounts

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • Poor quality wire attachment

#3. Mid-West Homes for Pets Small Animal Water Bottle

Key Features:

  • Compatible with most cage designs
  • Simple lift top cap for easy and quick refills
  • Can be installed on class or wire
  • Stainless steel spout is durable

This product features BPA free, heavy-duty plastic, which is great because this material is not produced harmful elements and it’s durable.

This specific bottle is designed to fit all Mid-West Homes pet habitats, including guinea pigs cages, playpens, and rabbit locales.

The bottle comes with an impressive plastic screw bracket that attaches easily to a traditional small animal cage.

Its installation is highly versatile because you can conveniently mount it on glass with suction cups (which are easy to remove for quick refills).

It comes with a stainless steel spout, which is not only rust resistant but also ergonomically designed for repeated use without leaking.

It has an easy fill lift top cap, which is great because it allows you to keep the bottle filled without always removing it from the side of the cage.

Things We Like:

  • BPA plastic material is safe for small pets
  • Stainless steel spout is rust resistant and durable
  • Can be attached to wire cages and glass containers
  • Lift top cap allows for quick refills

Things We Don’t Like:

  • Possible to receive a broken bottle

#4. Living World Eco+ Water Bottle

Key Features:

  • 6 ounce capacity
  • Made of quality recycled glass
  • It is drip resistant
  • Features a water level indicator

The Living World Eco+ 61580 is a suitable water bottle for your guinea pigs, pigeons, rabbits, and chinchillas among other small pets.

If you are not fond of plastic, then this is the ideal product to buy. It is made of quality recycled glass which is scratch and impact resistant.

The glass material is transparent, allowing you to easily observe the water level. There is also a water level indicator that tells you when a refill is necessary.

It features a very stable and no drip nozzle. All your guinea pig has to do is bite the spout gently, squeeze, or suck the bottle in order to drink.

The bottle has adequate capacity of approximately 177 ml, which is enough for hydrating your guinea pig for a duration of twenty four hours.

The only possible challenge that you may encounter with the design are the attachments (spring hanger and spring attachment). They are not as effective as nail-on or screw-on attachments.

Things We Like:

  • Recycled glass design is durable and safe
  • Double ball bearing design is pet-friendly
  • Drip resistant tube prevents messes
  • Transparent glass and level indicator tells you when to refill
  • Available in three sizes for preference

Things We Don’t Like:

  • Spring and hanger are not quality attachments

#5. RentACoop No Drip Small Animal Water Bottle

Key Features:

  • Large capacity (32 ounces)
  • Heavy-duty plastic material
  • Replaceable and chew resistant stainless steel nozzle
  • Lift top cap makes refills easy

RentACoop ensures that your small furred friend gets the ideal supply of essential water for regulating body temperature and boosting bodily functions.

It is made of BPA free (does not produce any toxic elements) plastic material. The stainless steel spout does not pose any danger to your guinea pig.

The no leak structure means no leakages or accidental spills that may otherwise mess the habitat of your guinea pig.

The chew resistant nozzle is easy for your pet to use. Your guinea pig can drink slowly by applying pressure with its tongue without spilling.

The bottle has a large capacity of 32 ounces, which is great because you can use it to keep at least two to four guinea pigs hydrated for twenty four hours.

The installation is remarkably easy, you just have to secure the bottle on a wire cage with the provided universal fit spring clip.

Things We Like:

  • Large water tank capacity
  • No leak spout ensures the environment is clean
  • BPA free plastic doesn’t pose any threat
  • Lift top cap allows for easy refills

Things We Don’t Like

  • Spring clip attachment isn’t as durable

Things to Consider Before Buying

You no longer have to hydrate your small pets with a bowl of water as you would a dog or a cat. Gravity water bottles are the most modern means of hydrating guinea pigs.

What makes this type of water bottle special is the no drip design, which allows your little pal to drink without messing the beddings.

When your guinea pig is thirsty, she can sip from the stainless metal spout of the water bottle. All she has to do is apply a little pressure and the spout will drip water.

But you can’t just go around picking gravity water bottle, you need to pick one that has the ideal features. Here are the most important features to consider.


The first point to consider is always the size and capacity of the bottle. The smallest size bottle should have a capacity of at least 6 ounces.

A smaller bottle of around six ounces will be sufficient for hydrating one guinea pig for a duration of twenty four hours.

A larger capacity of around 10 ounces would be more than enough to hydrate a duo for a duration of twenty four hours.

Nozzle Design

It goes without saying that the design of the nozzle is extremely important. It needs to be leak-proof, which means it should dispense water without dripping.

Cheap, conventional bottles may claim to have a no-drip nozzle, but may end up messing up the habitat of your guinea pig.

Water bottle nozzles come in different sizes. The most popular sizes being 10 ounces, 11 ounces, and 13 ounces.

The 10-ounce nozzle is ideal for smaller pets, such as birds. The 11-ounce capacity is the most preferred size for guinea pigs; while the 13-ounce size is suitable for slightly larger pets.

Make sure the valve of the bottle is made of stainless steel material, which is usually rust resistant and pet-friendly.

Materials Used

Most water bottles for small pets are made of plastic, while a few are made of recycled glass material. It is the plastic bottles that raise concerns.

Researchers and the public already know the dangers of BPA. But the new water bottles you come across in the market may not be as safe as most pet parents assume.

They may not directly leach BPA, but a strong plastic taste can most certainly be traced in water stored in the new water bottles for small pets.

The chemicals that come out of the plastic material and into the water are always harmful for your guinea pigs. In most cases, these chemicals go unnoticed.

As a rule of thumb, you should avoid any plastic bottles that are not labeled BPA free. Such bottles may be leaking different chemicals at varying levels.

Some plastics may be safer than others, but none of them are 100% safe. In fact, clear plastic bottles are considered the worst.

Unfortunately, water bottle manufacturers have a tendency of using very dirty marketing strategies to boost their sales without considering the health of your little pal.

If you are not sure about the dangers of plastic bottles, you should consider investing in glass bottles (recycled glass bottles are normally affordable).


One of the things that can make a water bottle extremely challenging to use is the attachment (what you use to install the bottle on your guinea pig cage).

The most effective attachments are normally nail-on or screw-on brackets. They provide a very secure installation that will not come out easily.

Some modern bottle design comes with suction rubbers for installing on glass surfaces. The less effective attachments are usually sprung hangers or metal clips.

Additional Features

You should also consider buying a bottle that comes with a lift-up or lift-off cap, which is great because it allows you to easily refill the tank without removing the entire bottle setup.

Another great feature is calibration. A calibrated bottle allows you to know the exact level of water you are giving your small furred friend in a day.

Final Thoughts

Our overall best design for your guinea pig is the Choco Nose Patented No Drip Bottle. It is made of BPA free plastic material that is safe for small pets.

This bottle has a mini-sized nozzle that is suitable and highly recommended for your guinea pigs, bunnies, hamsters, and ferrets.

It is also extremely easy to secure a bottle thanks to its nail-on bracket attachments. It is the perfect choice for wired cages.

Generally, a good quality bottle should be made of BPA free materials, has a small-sized nozzle, has a larger capacity, and it’s easy to secure in a cage.

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Best Hay for Guinea Pigs – Complete Guide (with Buying Tips) Wed, 15 Jan 2020 08:14:54 +0000 Guinea pigs! They are cute, right? But raising them is another story altogether. You have to feed them the ideal food for healthy growth.

Knowing the basic rules of guinea pig nutrition is a good start. Your little pal’s health depends on how effective you are at choosing her diet.

Hay is the go to food for these lovely creatures. But you will be surprised by the many brands you will come to the market.

After hours of research, we managed to find five high-quality hay products for guinea pigs. These products come highly recommended by most pet parents.

Top 5 Hay for Guinea Pigs

#1. Kaytee Timothy Hay for Small Animals

Key Ingredients:

  • Sun-cured Timothy Hay
  • Dried Carrot

Kaytee provides optimal nutritional products that do a great job of nurturing and sustaining guinea pigs. This Kaytee Timothy Hay Diet was formulated to support optimal nutrition.

The ingredients in this dry feed are hand selected to make sure that there is a suitable ratio of leaf to stem. This ensures the fiber content is high for healthy digestion.

Timothy hay contained in this feed is not only readily available, but it also has a very pleasant taste and aroma that your guinea pigs will find hard to resist.

Dried carrots are super foods. They make sure your small furred friend gets good amounts of vitamin A and beta-carotene.

According to the guaranteed analysis, this feed provides your pet with a small amount of protein and a higher amount of fiber and moisture.

Feeding your guinea pig this food is easy, just place the ideal amount of hay in a bin or hopper. You can vary the amount depending on the size of your guinea pig.

Be rest assured that this meal will pull your pet out of its usual hiding spot, thanks to the carrot, cranberry, mango, marigold, and mint flavors.

Things We Like:

  • Handpicked ingredients are healthy
  • High fiber content boosts healthy digestion
  • Low calcium and protein supports urinary health
  • Dried carrots provide beta-carotene and vitamin A
  • Available in five different flavors

Things We Don’t Like:

  • Possible to receive a package with hay dust

#2. Small Pet Select Timothy Hay

Key Ingredients:

  • Timothy Hay

This a hand selected premium second cutting Timothy hay nourishment that consists of a delicious ratio of the stem, seed head, and ratio.

It has the healthiest ratio of fat, protein, and fiber for a hale and hearty pet, which makes it the perfect silage for a picky guinea pig.

Unlike ordinary hay that’s of low quality, this second cutting feed is a blend of first cutting and third cutting, making it the hearty food for adult guinea pigs.

The hay has a high amount of fiber for supporting good digestion. This ensures that your small furred friend does not suffer from digestive issues or GI stasis.

Apart from good digestion, the high fiber content in this hay boosts dental health. The hay ensures that the teeth are worn down properly.

The hay is usually soft, supple, and fragrant, which makes it the most ideal food for guinea pigs of all ages.

The package is super easy to open and close and the hay is less dusty compared to conventional products.

Things We Like:

  • Premium quality Timothy Hay is highly nutritious
  • Healthy ratio of fat, protein, and fiber
  • High fiber content helps with digestion and dental health
  • Hay is less dusty

Things We Don’t Like:

  • Possible to receive a bag with mites

#3. Oxbow Western Timothy Hay

Key Ingredients:

  • Handpicked Timothy Hay
  • Contains high fiber and moisture content

Oxbow offers the highest quality hay for your guinea pigs. Their hay is harvested from their very special family of farms and delivered straight into Oxbow stands.

The Oxford Western Timothy Hay for guinea pigs is hand-sorted as well as hand-packed to ensure your small furred friend gets nothing but pure natural hay.

It contains seventy percent natural, quality hay, twenty percent fortified food, and five percent healthy greens and treats.

The feed is bursting with fiber that helps protect some of the most common health concerns in small mammals, such as GI stasis and other digestive problems.

This hay contains the ideal nourishment for boosting mental stimulation and enrichment without compromising nutrition.

One serving of this food will provide your small pet with thirty two percent fiber, fifteen percent moisture, and seven percent protein.

The analysis clearly shows that this food is low in protein and fat, but high in fiber and moisture for boosting overall health.

Things We Like:

  • Hand-sorted and hand-picked ingredients
  • High fiber content supports healthy digestion and dental health
  • Contains good nourishment for mental stimulation
  • Low protein, low fat, and low calorie content

Things We Don’t Like

  • Some bags may contain dust

#4. Oxbow Animal Health Orchard Grass Hay

Key Ingredients:

  • Orchard Grass Hay

Oxbow understands that quality of life starts with quality care, and that’s why they produce this Animal Health Orchard Grass Hay.

Like all of Oxford’s hay, the one included in this feed is hand selected as well as hand packed, which is great because it means it doesn’t have dust.

It has a very unique aroma that delivers a sweet smell that your guinea pigs will love all day long. The fragrant aroma will most certainly stimulate their appetite and boost consumption.

What makes this food a great choice for your little herbivores is the ratio of nutrients in it. It contains 75% natural quality hay, 20% fortified food, and 5% hearty greens and treats.

The Orchard grass hay is a great source of fiber, which is great because it helps boost digestion and alleviate GI stasis and any other digestive issues.

You should expect this hay to last a while, depending on the size of your guinea pigs. For example, the 40-ounce bag can last ten days for a 5-pound guinea pig.

Things We Like:

  • Contains natural quality and fortified ingredients
  • Orchard grass hay is hand selected and hand picked
  • Has a sweet smell that stimulates appetite
  • Contains hearty greens and treats
  • High fiber content alleviates and prevents digestive issues

Things We Don’t Like:

  • Some bags may contain plastic shreds

#5. Timothy Hay Flavor Variety Multi Pack

Key Ingredients:

  • Western Timothy Hay

The Timothy Hay Flavor Variety Multi Pack is the ideal grass diet for your guinea pigs, rabbits, chinchillas, as well as other small animals you may have.

The hay is hand selected by experts from the second cutting, which is great because this ensures there’s a good ratio of leaf to stem for easy feeding.

If your guinea pig is 7+ months of age, the high fiber content in this natural feed is what it needs to maintain a healthy digestive system without GI stasis.

Unlike conventional grass hay, this one is low in protein and fat, and high in moisture and fiber, making it suitable for stimulating digestion and preventing obesity.

Are your guinea pigs fed up with the usual Orchard grass hay and alfalfa hay? You can easily transition to Timothy Hay Flavor Variety Multi Pack.

Things We Like:

  • Hand selected second cutting is highly nutritious
  • Proper leaf to stem ratio makes this a hearty feed
  • High fiber content supports chewing and healthy digestion
  • No artificial flavors, colors, or any harmful ingredients
  • Rich in essential nutrients and flavors
  • Low calcium and protein boost urinary health

Things We Don’t Like:

  • Possible to receive a bag of hay that stale

Things to Consider Before Buying

Hay is a great product for your guinea pigs, but you have to choose a product that is not only nutritious but also safe for your little friend.

Types of Hay

So, there’re a lot of different types of hay to choose for your guinea pigs. But pretty much any of them are okay as long as it is a grass-based hay.

You do not want any clover type or alfalfa hay for your senior guinea pigs because it is way too high in calcium and fat, which can cause obesity and other problems.

Here are the popular types of hay you can consider:

Timothy Hay

This is the most popular grass hay for guinea pigs. Why? Guinea pigs really like the sweet taste of this grass and perhaps more than any other grass type out there.

Your little friend loves this grass when it is soft, green, and fresh. You are guaranteed to see your small furred friend happily munching away her hay in no time at all.

Timothy hay is also super healthy in the sense that it provides your guinea pigs with lots of fiber and moisture, but less of fat, calcium, and protein.

Nature didn’t equip guinea pigs to deal with a feed high in calories as well as fat and proteins. In actual fact, their entire digestive system is specifically adapted to processing high-fiber feeds.

Along with that, Timothy hay grass is also great for the dental health of your little furred friends. The grass helps their teeth to wear faster, creating room for new teeth.

Generally, if your guinea pigs spend lots of time chewing, they will be less susceptible to dental problems.

Orchard Hay

This is a great cool-season hay grass that is more drought resistant compared to Timothy hay. This product grows effectively in tufts.

Like Timothy hay, Orchard hay grass is also soft in texture, low in protein and high in fiber content. It tastes and smells sweet, your guinea pigs won’t be able to resist.

This hay grass is usually packed in full long strand fibers, which is great because this combination ensures that your furred friend has a healthy digestive system.

This is a suitable choice for pet parents with hay allergies. The leaves are generally very long, soft, less dusty, and pleasant to pick up with your hands.

Meadow Hay

This product contains a mixture of naturally occurring hay grass, which is great because the mixture produces unique flavors and textures for your guinea pigs.

We cannot say this is true hay because it contains several hay types, which are combined in adequate proportions.

Unlike Timothy hay and Orchard hay, you cannot exactly tell the amounts of calcium and protein contained in Meadow hay.

Oat Hay

This hay type can be good on its own and in moderation or it is also great to combine with other grass hays.

When compared to the second cut and third cut Timothy hay, oat hay is a lot stiffer and resembles the stiffness of first cut hay.

This hay probably will not be very pleasing to a picky guinea pig. But it does have very mature seed heads and is exceptional for trimming down teeth.

Types of Cuts of Timothy Hay

As we earlier mentioned, Timothy hay is the go to grass for most guinea pigs. There are varieties of cuts of Timothy hay, including first, second, and third cuts.

The second cut is the most standard one. It has a great amount of fiber and just adequate protein. It contains a mixture of soft and stiff leaves and lots of seed heads.

The third cut Timothy hay is a softer cut. If you have a picky guinea pig that refuses the stiffer stems of the first and the second cut, the third cut may work for you.

It is also very leafy, but it contains slightly less fiber compared to the second cut. This is why it is recommended to mix it in some other hay types.

Final Thoughts

Our overall best choice is Kaytee Timothy Hay for Small Animals. This grass is hand selected, which means it has the ideal ratio of leaf to stem.

It is low in calcium, fat, and protein, but very rich in fiber. This product does not only support healthy digestion but also boosts dental health.

It is also available in five different flavors (carrot, mint, cranberry, marigold, and mango) just in case your guinea pig is picky.

Overall, you should aim for the second cut hay. It contains the ideal amounts of nutrients with lots of fiber for boosting digestion and dental health.

Best Rat Treats of 2020: Which One is the Best? Sun, 12 Jan 2020 02:18:20 +0000 If you have pet rats, feeding them is not really a big deal. There are tons of foods that are meant for rats and they are not too picky with what they are eating. As long as you know the nutrients that they need, finding a good rat food is not too difficult.

However, did you know that there are rat treats as well? If you think that only dogs and cats are given treats, you are making a mistake. There are tons of rat treats that you can buy to give to your pet rats.

Let’s have a look at rat treats and why it is very important to feed them to your rats.

Why Feed Them Rat Treats?

Rats are different compared to humans and other animals. When you have dogs and cats, do you feed them treats all the time? If yes, then it is possible that they are overweight or they would be in the future. If not, it means that you are taking good care of their diet.

This is different from rats because when it comes to food, rats don’t have unhealthy or healthy foods. No matter what you feed them, they would eat it and it won’t have any bad effects on their health. But, it does not mean that you can just feed them anything without considering their health.

They can eat anything, but you have to make sure that they get the right nutrients so they can grow strong and healthy. Treats can be a good way to show them that you care because treats are extremely yummy. As a matter of fact, they taste better than normal rat food so your rats will surely love them.

Natural Treats for Rats

There are a few treats that your rats will surely love and you won’t even need to buy them. Although commercial rat treats are a much better choice, it is not a bad idea to give them something natural for a change. Here is a list of natural treats that you can give to your rats.

  1. Chicken Bones

You have to remember that rats like cooked chicken bones. Well, make sure that meat is included because they won’t be satisfied with just the bones. However, make sure that you will give this treat before cleanout day because the leftovers and bits and pieces will surely cause a stink and it may contaminate the food of your rats.

You can give them the whole carcass and leave it to them. Go back after a few hours and you can start cleaning.

  1. Monkey Nuts

You should think about monkey nuts because you can expect that your rats will definitely love this. This is one of the best choices when it comes to treats.

However, you should not overdo this. You can just give them a few pieces of nuts and you can try to train them while using this. You can give this as a form of prize every time they do something that you want.

  1. Hard-boiled Eggs

Are you surprised that hard-boiled eggs can actually be used as a treat? What you can do is to boil the eggs and cut them while the shell is still there. You can give them a full egg if you want or you can cut them into smaller pieces.

  1. Curly Kale

You can give this to your pet rats raw, lightly cooked or wilted already. Basically, as long as you give them to your rats, they will surely love it. This considered a superfood and it extremely delicious for pet rats.

You can give these to your rats in smaller pieces so they can scramble around and pick it up or you can just give them larger pieces and let them bring it to their favorite spot inside the cage.

  1. Squash

You can use any squash for treats since pet rats will super love this kind of natural treat. You can just remove the middle and remove all of the bits and seeds. The seeds can also be used as snacks for your rats. You can just dry them outside and give it to them.

What to Look For?

If you want to try something new and you want to buy the commercial rat treats, you should know a few things before you buy them. Although rats are not picky with the food that they eat, you should at least have an idea of what you are feeding them.

  1. Nutritional Value

You should never buy rat treats that would cause harm to your pets and you have to give them something that would provide vitamins and minerals. Since you are spending money on the treats, you might as well buy something that would benefit them.

You have to remember that not all vitamins and minerals are present on the food that they eat so if you want to give them treats, make sure that you check if it has the nutrients that you are looking for.

You have to avoid treats with corn kernels or licorice as they are harmful to the health of your pet rats. They will always eat what is given to them so you have to be very careful before you put something on their plate.

  1. Flavor

You have to make sure that you find the right flavor that your rat would love. They would eat anything, but you can easily figure out the flavor that they love. Since it is a treat, it makes sense that you choose a flavor that your pet rat would enjoy eating.

  1. Value

It’s great to buy expensive food if you have the money, but if you are on a tight budget, you should look for value. If your pet rat likes them, you will have to buy them regularly so buying expensive treats won’t be a good idea. Check if the price of the treats would fit your budget before you decide to buy them.

The Best Rat Treats

Now that you know what to look for, the next step is to find the rat treats that you can buy. We will list down some of the best treats that you can find in the market right now to help you make the right decision.

  1.  Kaytee Pet Products Fiesta Yogurt Dipped Small Animal Treats

Kaytee Pet Products Fiesta Yogurt Dipped Small Animal Treats is one of the best treats created by Kaytee Fiesta and it is a popular item for your pet rat.

The company makes a wide range of meals and delights for guinea pigs, rats, gerbils, and other small animals.

They are also known to provide treats for great prices so a lot of people are considering this particular brand.

The Kaytee Pet Products Fiesta Yogurt Dipped Small Animal Treats is just one of the products that they are selling and it is also one of the things that they are proud of.

This kind of treatment doesn’t have any blueberries, but they are using flavoring. It is definitely a great reward if you are training your pet rats.

The outside of the Kaytee Pet Products Fiesta Yogurt Dipped Small Animal Treats is extremely crunchy and hard and it is not a bad thing.

Rats love to chew or bite on ball-shaped treats and they prefer hard treats as it can actually wear down their teeth.

The size is perfect for your pets and it is exactly the same as the size of a regular blueberry so they won’t have a hard time eating it.

  1. F.M. Brown’s Tropical Carnival Natural Rat Treats

F.M. Brown’s Tropical Carnival Natural Rat Treats is a very delicious treat that your pet rats will surely love.

F.M. Brown is a popular company based in Pennsylvania that provides treats to horses, birds, small animals and more.

It was founded in the 1800s and it has been in the market ever since; providing the best products.

The F.M. Brown’s Tropical Carnival Natural Rat Treats is one of their best products for small animals and your pet rats will surely go crazy about this.

When it comes to nutritional value, this is definitely one of the best since they always make sure that the treats are made from high-quality ingredients.

It is not loaded with artificial chemicals so you don’t need to worry about the health of your pets.

It has a wide range of ingredients that your rats would love like papaya, raisins, kiwi, almonds and many more.

It is very small so you can expect that your rats won’t have a hard time eating it. You can use them as a form of reward if you are training your pet rats.

  1. F.M. Brown’s Tropical Carnival Baked Pretzels Treat

The F.M. Brown’s Tropical Carnival Baked Pretzels Treat is also one of the products created by F.M.

Brown’s and it is also an amazing blend of fruits and nuts. Basically, your rats are not really picky, but they will surely be enticed by the fun colors of the baked pretzel treats.

If you think that the other treats are pretty dull, this is definitely an amazing choice for you.

The size and the shape of the F.M. Brown’s Tropical Carnival Baked Pretzels Treat would make it easier for your pet rats to bring them anywhere in the cage and it can also promote healthy teeth.

Since the treats are quite hard, it can help with their teeth and chewing.

This type of treat is made from high-quality ingredients such as yeast, corn flour, corn starch and many more.

  1. Vitakraft Vita Prima Banana Coconut Trail Mix Treat

Vitakraft is actually a German manufacturer of treats and pet foods and they have been in the market since 1837.

For many years, they have offered high-quality pet foods in the market and the Vitakraft Vita Prima Banana Coconut Trail Mix Treat is currently one of their best products available.

If you have pet rats, Vitakraft Vita Prima Banana Coconut Trail Mix Treat is one of your best options because it contains vital nutrients that your pet rats need to grow strong and healthy.

It is a trail mix for small animals and it contains coconut oil, carrots, banana as well as whole grains.

There are also carob as well as yogurt drops that are scattered in the mix. This is a high-nutritional value treat for your pet rats.

  1. Ware Manufacturing Rice Pops Small Pet Fun Chew Treat

Many of you have probably not heard about Ware Manufacturing, but they have been providing a wide range of products in the pet industry for years.

They actually sell different products for small animals. If you need a dog house or you need rat treats, this company has everything.

Ware Manufacturing Rice Pops Small Pet Fun Chew Treat is one of the best rats treats that they have right now and it is also something extremely popular for rat owners.

The rice pops for small animals usually come in different sizes and they also have one for smaller animals like your pet rats. They also come in bright colors so your pets would be excited to eat them.

The Ware Manufacturing Rice Pops Small Pet Fun Chew Treat has the right size that would allow your pet rats to drag it anywhere in the cage.

It is very affordable as well so you won’t have to spend a lot of money if you plan to buy this regularly.


If you are looking for the best rat treats, there are so many items on the Internet that would provide what you need.

All of the products mentioned here are some of the best that the market can offer, but you can still find other rat treats that would provide the same benefits.

Just make sure to look for the best rat treats that would provide health benefits to your rats. You cannot simply buy the first thing that you see as it might have a big impact on the overall health of your rats.

Best Rat Water Bottle Tue, 07 Jan 2020 02:58:11 +0000 It’s very vital to consider water bottles as a quite important thing while feeding your pet rats. If you don’t use a good quality water bottle, you have just one option of using a dish. But, using a dish to feed water to your rats might a messy task.

It’s because rats are likely to throw various stuff in their provided water. Also, they chuck the dish that makes the whole thing stressful. So, the simple solution is to use the best water bottles for your rats and we’re here to help you find the right one.

Moreover, we have added a buying guide about rat’s water bottle and some related frequently asked questions (FAQs) that will help you to make things much transparent to choose the exact water bottle.

Best Rat Water Bottle Reviews

1. ChocoNose No Drip Water Bottle

As a rat owner, you know that rats tend to spill while playing and roaming if you put their water on the open things.

No one likes to be a damp player for their wet rats. When this is your issue, there is a simple solution for you. Just use the top-rated water bottle like the ChocoNose.

This is a great solution for the habitat of your rats, which is a bottle with a 10mm smaller nozzle, is suitable for the most types of small pets.

The bottle comes with a leakproof design that helps a rat to get its required amount of water without making any messes or spills.

You’ll find the bottle has made from high-quality plastic that’s free of BPA. As a result, it doesn’t make any harm to your rat and can use for a long time.

Also, it comes with a convenient screw on its cap that lets you attach it with the inner walls of the cage.

Even you have the option to use the nail on it to fix out there. Besides, it’s very simple to maintain. What you have to do is just tap its nozzle and wait for the water to come out that will help you to take out the inside’s air bubbles.

When it comes to clean the bottle, it’s easy to wash and rinse the nozzle, which will allow you to get possible dirt out that remains inside the bottle. You’ll find the bottle in 3 different, cute colors such as blue, green, and pink.


  • Easy to wash
  • Doesn’t leak
  • Inexpensive
  • Made from user-friendly material


  • Can’t use hot water

2. Kordon Oasis Bell Water Bottle

This value water bottle set comes from the Kordon, which has made from solid plastic and an essential hold guard.

With special design, the bottle serves properly and safely. It can keep water when it stands up to fracture and has made of crystal styrene.

The bottle has a rounded top that’s very useful to discourage your rat from chewing it and keeping the water of the bottle inside intact. You’ll find an adjustable strap that lets you hang it on the top side edges of most wire cages and aquariums.

Although the bottle is a bright color, you can see through the water level clearly. These things indicate that it’s worth and could be the best investment because it sustains for an extended period.

The best thing about the bottle is that it’s quite suitable for small animals like rats, mice, hamsters, and gerbils.

Also, the bottle is rounded in shape that prevents your pet from chewing to damage it. This 4-ounce bottle comes in two packs such as single and dual packs while the second one is a value deal.

Its hold-guard prevents the bottle from toppling or moving over when a pet uses it. As you already know this is a rounded and bell-shaped bottle that has made with clear styrene. This is why it prevents all types of breakage.

If you own multiple rats you can buy their value pack, which is a combination of two bottles. You can set them in a larger cage while having multiple rats. Apart from being simple to hang, the bottle is durable.


  • Perfect for small animals
  • Easy to change the water
  • Affordable in price
  • Round shaped bottle


  • A bit smaller size of the bottle

3. Kaytee Chew-Proof Water Bottle | 4.5X3.5X15-Inch, 26-Ounce

Kaytee is a renowned manufacturer of small pets. Likewise, their chew-proof water bottle is also a great product for your rat.

The item has made from durable, high-quality glass that lasts for an extended period. As an owner of the rat, you know that it likes to chew everything. It means that domesticated rats also can bite.

So, you have to choose the items that are safe to chew. This is why this product is completely safe for chewing because it has made with the top-rated glass material.

It does not just prevent chewing; it also lets you monitor the levels of the water easily.

You can put up to 6 ounces of water that make sense to use for your rat and other small animals in the ideal. Because of coming with a hanger, the bottle is great to use by suspending.

Another good thing about the bottle is that you can put it with fitting regardless of smaller or bigger cages.

Also, the bottle comes with a fun feature: a duck is floating inside it. Yes, it’s right that you’re hearing about it.

This floating duck helps you to monitor the levels of the water and replace it if needed. So, this is frankly an ideal and great deal for your adored pet rat.

In addition, the bottle is good to use if you have a hamster that is fond of chewing. Since the manufacturer has paid deep attention to its design, it ensures your rat will get enough water that it needs.


  • Easy to clean & refill
  • The water remains fresh & clean
  • Rubber made, non-toxic stopper
  • Durable bracket


  • Some users may find the design uncomfortable.

4. Little Giant Farm Water Bottle

Monitoring water levels of a bottle are very crucial when it comes to your rat’s feeding. Well, if you issue with some other bottles to check the water levels then you have got the solution.

The Little Giant presents a crystal clear water bottle that ensures to keep an eye on water consumption.

This is not just about the bottle; there are some more things to know. Among other great features, the bottle was designed with a great leak-proof model.

Like any other user, you also might not like to get a damp playpen. In this issue, a bottle with leak-proof is a nice blessing for you and all rat owners.

You can choose your desired one from two different colors: natural clear color and a purple plus blue design. That means you can buy the perfect one matches your interior.

This is a good quality water bottle for your indoor use that helps your rat to lead a vigorous life.

It’s because water is very essential for all living beings and rats are also one of them. You’ll get a ballpoint tube made of stainless-steel that makes sure the pureness of the outcoming water for your little buddy.

This is a nicely designed water bottle that ensures avoiding leaks and you can stay care-free of keeping your cage dry. The body of the bottle has printed some nice images of different animals to entertain your rat while coming to drink water.


  • Extremely affordable in price
  • Easy to monitor the water levels
  • Leakage preventing design
  • Great water holding capacity


  • Not much durable due to plastic

5. Lixit Wide-Mouth Water Bottle

Lixit presents a fun looking water bottle that’s liked by lots of rat owners and rats themselves. It comes with a hanger made of wire that incorporates a tip of stainless steel.

Regardless of being quite undersized, the bottle holds up to 16-ounces of water, which is a great amount for a rat.

It means that you don’t need to change the water several times and can keep it for a long time to drink. This is why it’s noticed those who like to order the bottle; they get one dozen of such bottles at a time.

It ensures instant replacement of the old bottle when you need without waiting for the new bottles to arrive. According to the comments of the users, this one is the most suitable water bottle for your rats and any other small animals.

Apart from these advantages, the bottle is affordable in price that makes sense to invest in the best returns. Another good thing about the bottle is that it has an appealing design.

As a result, it’s widely suitable for those who like to make their rats cage funny looking and comfortable for their pets.


  • Perfect in size
  • Weather-resistant
  • Simple to clean & refills
  • BPA free plastic


  • The larger bottle makes issue with water freshness

Buying Guide For The Best Rat Water Bottle

Selecting the best rat water bottle could be a bit tricky because of a myriad of products. But, if you keep some specific things in mind, you’ll be able to find the right one. What the things are you should follow while buying a water bottle for you rat are below:

Size Of The Bottle

Firstly, bottle size matters much while coming to feeding your rat. If you find the right size of a water bottle, you’ll have to check two things out. The first one is its tube size and the second one is its nozzle size.

You keep liquids for your rat in the tube and the nozzle supply the water to the mount of a rat to consume. This is why you have to pay attention to the tube size that needs to be a bit bigger to hold more water.

If you choose a large tube, you’ll be able to give more water for a long time drinking. And you have to get the ideal size of a nozzle that should fit your rat’s mouth.

Check The Resistance Features

It’s time to search and find out related features for proofing and robustness. Such as, your preferred water bottle should be coming with a scratch-proof feature. It’s because rats have large nails and they like to scratch on everything.

Apart from being scratch proof, the bottle should be chew proof because your rat likes to chew as well. Also, look at the nozzle and it should not be at the size that may hurt your little buddy.

Look For Ease Of Use

User-friendliness is another highly considerable thing while going to buy a rat water bottle. The bottle should be enough convenient without feeling to use it.

This is why you should ensure that the bottle needs to come with a strap, hook, or stand to attach or tie it on the rat cage using some wood or any other things.

Get Temperature Maintenance Of Water

If you like to maintain the temperature of the water in the bottle, you have to buy a temperature proof bottle. It means while look for using the bottle inside or outside of your house at the right temperature that’s endurable by your rat.

It should not be affected by hot or cold temperatures. The bottle should maintain the desired temperature of your pet regardless it’s burning hot or cold outside.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is The Required Amount Of Water For My Rat?

You should give 10mm of water to drink your adult rat every day.

Can My Rats Live Without Water?

Its true rats consume a smaller amount of water (10mm), but it doesn’t mean they can live without it. As they get water from their foods, they can go a long time without drinking water.

Can My Rats Sip Out Of An Entire Bowl Of Water?

Rats can drink an entire bowl of water. But, they drink some of them and make dirty the remaining part. So, the bowl should clean several times.

Could I Use Rabbit Water Bottle For My Rat?

Yes, you can use a rabbit or guinea pig’s water bottle for your rat. It’s because most of the manufacturers provide water bottles that are suitable for the most little animals like rats, rabbits, guinea pigs, and chinchillas.


Hopefully, you have found all the questions regarding the best rat water bottle. Also, you’ll find things simpler as you have read the content entirely that has taught you many things.

These were included with a list of the high-quality rat water bottles, a buying guide about them, and FAQs section. Apart from these things, if you have any more things to know, you can knock us through the comment section.

The 5 Best Chinchilla Food in 2020 Tue, 07 Jan 2020 02:44:30 +0000 Among the bizarre and interesting pets, chinchillas are great ones that you can own.

They’re small packets of energy with an attractive and unique personality that keep continuing to entertain you.

While they’re doing much for you, it’s crucial to keep them healthy and happy as much as possible.

To keep them healthy, providing the best chinchilla food is just one and the greatest way.

So, you should look for high-quality foods that are good for your pets. Also, your little power pack should love to eat the food you’re going to buy.

After a wide range of research, we have found some of the best and top-notch food products.

These foods are as popular as recommended by lots of pet owners. Well, let’s take a look at them.

Top 5 Best Chinchilla Food

1. Supreme Petfoods | Science Selective Chinchilla Food

You’ll feel a shortage of finding the right pellet with nutritionally balanced plus healthy food when you look for high-quality pellet food.

But, the issue has been solved by the Supreme Petfoods with their scientifically selected chinchilla food.

The manufacturer has used a large scale of though with careful consideration to make the food. As a result, it meets the most requirements of the particular nutrients that need for small pets like a chinchilla.

The food is the right choice for your pet’s needs because it has made with protein (16%), fiber (19%), and fat (3%).

Although it has made with some limited ingredients, they’re extremely wholesome. They have focused on Soya hulls, wheat, and alfalfa.

It’s out of artificial stuff like added sugar and colors. This is why the food works nicely to improve and maintain a healthy digestive system and skin plus a coat of chinchilla.

These good features have made it the most suitable food that a chinchilla needs to consume other than hay.

Also, you’ll find lots of positive reviews from the breeders and owners of chinchilla for this one.

Most owners have stated that it’s a type of food that’s extremely easy to chew plus digest for the chinchilla.

It helps to keep their perceptive digestive tracks smooth working. Even if you have a picky one, it also will love the food to eat without making any issue.


  • ​Huge protein, fiber, and fat
  • ​​Extremely appealing taste
  • Nutritionally-dense
  • Selected ingredients


  • ​A few chinchillas may dislike it

2. Oxbow Essentials For Chinchilla | 3lb’s Pack

Oxbow is another leading pet food manufacturer and this product is also great as chinchilla pellets from their production house.

This is not surprising that the item is top in quality and reliability that has won the heart of lots of happy chinchilla owners.

Like other best-graded foods in the markets, this one is made with nutrients and comes as tasty as healthy for your pet.

When it comes to the nutrition profile of the food, it’s a great one for your chinchilla. It’s because the food comes with a higher amount of protein (18%), fiber (20%), and fat (2.5%).

If you compare with the previous one of the Supreme Petfoods, you’ll find Oxbow contains more protein and fiber.

That means this food also keeps the capability to take the first position in this and any other list.

Likewise, the food is also similarly popular and well appreciated by thousands of chinchilla owners across the world. The best thing about the food is that the pellet is alfalfa-based.

Because of this, the food is as nutritious as healthy since the fiber promotes better digestive health.

Also, it contains vitamins A and D3 along with vitamin E and phosphorous. If you choose this food for your one like many other chinchilla owners, you’ll be continuing it for an indefinite time.


  • ​No artificial filler
  • Fills the exact dietary needs
  • ​Great taste & texture
  • Affordable in price


  • A smaller amount of chinchilla doesn’t like it

3. Supreme Petfoods | Tiny Friends Farm Charlie Chinchilla Food

This is another product from the Supreme Petfoods because the manufacturer has made thousands of chinchilla owners happy.

They’re also keeping alive the perfect foods trend that has helped them to make an amazing accumulation to the diet of your chinchilla.

The producer has taken a similar approach to the food that we have mentioned above. The food is full of nutritional pellets while it’s keeping a focus on flaxseed, carrots, oats, maize, and timothy hay.

It also can fill all the needs of your chinchilla with boasting of a higher amount of protein (20%), fiber (18%), and fat (3%).

As a result, the food is the powerhouse for the needs of your chinchilla. Also, this item comes with tasty linseed that helps your chinchilla’s skin as well as a coat in the best condition.

Your pet indeed needs lots of fresh food every day, it also needs a tasty mix like this food. Apart from making the food tasty, it’s also healthy.

And it meets the need of essential nutritional elements. All these things help your little buddy promote its digestive system by improving gastrointestinal activity.

As a chinchilla owner, you’ll feel pleasant while feeding this food for many more reasons.

For example, chinchilla is a great fan of the whole ingredients and the food provides higher nutritional value.

Also, the food comes with a great taste for your chinchilla that helps it to empty the bowl.

If you take a look at the user’s reviews, you’ll find some chinchilla owners are feeding this food for many years. They just found the benefits without any issue.


  • ​Additional live probiotics
  • ​A large number of nutrients
  • ​Greatly palatable
  • Very appetizing


  • Expensive

4. Vitakraft’s Vitanature Chinchilla Food | Natural Timothy Formula

This is definitely one of the great and original chinchilla foods on this list.

The food is not just a unique item; the pellets are full of nutrition and antioxidants that promote your chinchilla strong immune system. Also, it has a great variety of essential ingredients.

Among many advantages, the stunning one is that it helps foraging your pet as it has diverse ingredients selection.

As a result, it keeps the item tasty and interesting unlike uniform and common pellets.

Like other high-quality products, this one also has a higher amount of protein (16%), fiber (15%), and fat (3%).

It might be a bit lower than some top-rated foods like Supreme and Oxbow. But, the food is still good enough and healthy for your chinchilla.

Moreover, the item is full of some other crucial ingredients like natural herbs, veggies, greens, flowers, berries, and grains.

These things have made the food a tasty blend that your pet will love definitely.

Likewise, chinchilla loves this food as the mixture of the selected and natural ingredients encourage them for foraging behavior.

It also makes the pet more motivated about eating food. The food does not just provide enough energy; it also keeps the pet happy and healthy as it should be.

There is bound to get some that your chinchilla simply doesn’t prefer with the many ingredients in the product.


  • Healthy & diverse ingredient list
  • ​Helps foraging
  • ​Big appealing taste
  • Full of nutrition and antioxidants


  • A bit less amount of protein & fiber

​5. Kaytee Chinchilla Food Blend

This food of Kaytee is the right option if you’re in search of a budget-friendly chinchilla food.

As you know Kaytee is a renowned brand in the arena of small pet items. They have kept a similar quality in chinchilla food that they offer for other products.

It doesn’t matter that the food comes at an affordable price. But, it didn’t compromise with the higher quality and the wholesome state of food for your chinchilla.

Like the other four foods of this list, it a high-quality product that comes with a higher amount of protein (16%), fiber (22%), and fat (2.5%).

It could be a bit lower in protein, but it has the exact amount that your chinchilla requires in its food.

Also to that, the food has probiotics that help to digest food for better health. It doesn’t have sugary fruits or loose seeds that can make a chinchilla sick.

The food also has natural timothy hay that’s very essential for the chinchilla diet because of its large health benefits.

As a chinchilla owner, you’ll really like to buy this food because your loving pet will empty the bowl instantly.

A large number of chinchillas love to eat this food without showing any issue or complaint. Instead, they show the signs of overall demeanor and increased energy.


  • Great value
  • ​Excellent nutritional profile
  • ​Focused on timothy hay
  • The higher amount of fiber


  • Comes with molasses

Buying Guide Of The Best Chinchilla Food

Firstly, you’ll get a huge responsibility while taking a chinchilla as your tiny furry friend.

Always keep in mind that this one is the most sensitive and pretentious among other rodents out there.

If you give them too much food, they can be chubby. So, you should consider some factors before you buy food for them.

Below are some crucial aspects that you have to get into deep consideration while purchasing chinchilla food.

Type Of Food

Initially, you need to know about the differences in the types of foods you’re going to provide for your chinchilla.

And other ones that use as treats, which is given just one time after a while. Treats are indeed a type of tasty food, but they’re given just as rewards.

Also, they come with extra sugars and fats. Besides, if you provide them whole foods, they represent the high-quality and daily option of food that you can consider for your chinchilla.

Most of these foods are full of vitamins plus minerals that make it a balanced and healthy diet. So, you have to choose top-rated food for your chinchilla of the premium brand.

Nutrition & Ingredients

A very essential factor to consider is providing the right proportion of nutrients and ingredients in the food.

Before you buy food you should ensure if it’s perfect for the sensitive body of your chinchilla.

An Adult chin should provide food with 18-20% of fiber, 16-28% of protein, and 2-5% of fat. Also, you have to look for foods that are made from top-quality and natural ingredients.

You always should stay away from feeding foods that come with extra sugars as well as fat. It’s because they’ll make fatal diseases like diabetes.

Food Quality

Your small pets like chinchillas want a standard to the large size fibers to intakes every day that indeed comes from food.

This is why you have to provide them all-natural and best quality foods to avail them healthy and longer life.

It means that you have to avoid providing them foods that come with added preservatives and colors.

As a result, you have to spend a bit more time to read the label of the food carefully where all things have written in detail.


Indeed, brands of food are not definitely everything. But, it tells about the quality of the food.

Cheap foods that have made by non-reliable manufacturers come with a lack of healthy and high-quality ingredients.

Also, they’re filled with fillers that may result in undernourishment. On the contrary, famous brands provide all-natural and top quality ingredients without any harmful preservatives or colors.

Flavor & Packaging

Chinchillas are very picky and want just delicious foods. To find out the tasty foods, you have to keep an eye on the previous user’s reviews as they already have fed the food their chins.

So, while buying food for them, get a smaller pack first. If they like to eat the food then buy more in quantity.

When it comes to the packaging of food, you should choose the resealable bags that will keep the food fresh for a long time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I give chinchilla my rabbit’s foot?

Some pet owners can feel to give their chinchilla the same foodstuff that they offer their rabbits as their herbivores. But, this is not a good decision to do because they have some dissimilarities.

For example, chinchillas come with a very sensitive digestive track than rabbits. So, it’s better to avoid giving them the same food you feed your rabbits.

How Many Hours/ Days Can My Chinchilla Live Without Food?

As an owner of the chinchilla, you have to know how sensitive it’s in terms of their digestive tract. This is because it can’t go for a long time without eating food.

It doesn’t matter if you keep alone with food for several hours. But, it matters much if you leave them without food for some hours. It’ll be a great issue for your chin if you don’t provide food for 24 hours.

Can I Give My Chinchilla Guinea Pig’s Food?

Like rabbit foods, guinea pig’s foods are also not perfect for your chin. It’s because foods are made for guinea pigs contains a higher amount of vitamin C, but lower in calcium.

A chinchilla needs a lower amount of vitamin C and a bit higher amount of calcium. So, guinea pig’s foods can malnutrition for your chin.

Is There Any Human Food That I Can Feed My Chinchillas?

Chinchilla foods indeed come with different human food items like carrots, oats, wheat, and others.

But, it’s not good to give them directly because the digestive system of a chinchilla is quite different than human beings.


Giving your small dude the best chinchilla food is the best way to maintain their healthy growth.

Also, food with a balanced diet provides enough energy that will help them to be happy and entertain you all day long. So, always avoid them feeding the same food that you feed your rabbits or guinea pigs.

It’s because the digestive system of a chinchilla is quite different than other pets and animals. To avoid all the issues, just choose one from food from the above-said list and you’re free of stress.

The Best Rat Wheels in 2020: Choosing the Best One Tue, 07 Jan 2020 02:27:23 +0000 There has been a lot of confusion surrounding rats in general as they can be divided into different sub-categories. Well, most people think that rats are those that cause destruction in your house, but the truth is that there are pet rats that are pretty sophisticated and smart.

Having a pet rat in your house means a lot as they are very smart and they form deep bonds to humans. They are sociable and compassionate and they are very caring and loving much like dogs and cats.

Not all of you want a pet rat and we can all understand that. However, if you plan to have your own pet rat, you should know the items that you need to have.

Rat wheel is one of the most important items that you should have if you have a pet rat. Since they love playing around, having a rat wheel on their cage is a good idea. But, there are a lot of concerns with regard to this. We will look at the reasons why rat wheels are important, how to choose the best one and the best rat wheels available in the market.

Safety Concerns

There have been a lot of issues with safety when it comes to rat wheels. Some owners think that it is better to just let the rat roam around their cages, while some people think that they should have a rat wheel to provide entertainment to the rats.

This is mainly because some people had a bad experience when it comes to using a rat wheel. The question is do rats actually need the wheels to exercise? The simple answer is no. Rat wheels are not required when taking care of a pet rat, but this is something that every owner should consider.

The main reason why you want to buy a rat wheel is because of exercise. You want your rats to exercise and stay healthy so you think of buying a rat wheel to make this possible. Actually, rats can have their exercise as long as they have a large and spacious cage. As long as they walk around the cage, it can already be considered as a form of exercise.

However, rat wheels provide a unique experience for your rats and they would prefer to try something different instead of just walking around the cage, which is pretty dull.

Rat wheels are safe to use, but there are instances where the rats experience accidents while using the rat wheels.

How to Choose the Best Rat Wheel

Choosing a rat wheel can be a bit time consuming if you don’t have any idea what to look for. We will help you make the right choice by giving you some ideas on what type of rat wheel to buy.

The rat-running wheel is one of the best in the market and it has already come a really long way when it was being used as a running wheel for hamsters. Well, if you see the hamsters using them, you won’t even think that they are made for rats.

Today, most of the rat running wheels can provide a different option that would make it so that your rat can use them safely. Here are some of the wheel options available that are made specifically for rats.

  1. Large Wheel

Larger wheels are more beneficial to rats as they are usually bigger than normal. By getting a bigger wheel, you can provide them with more room and it won’t hurt their back while they are running inside the wheel.

Getting a larger wheel can provide more safety to your rats so if you are concerned about this, you can get a large wheel.

  1. Non-Metal

There are rat wheels that are made without any type of metal. As you all know, metal would rust pretty fast and there are also mesh or wires that can trap the tail of your rat. Because of this non-metallic choice, you can definitely guarantee that your rats won’t have any issues using it.

  1. Solid Running Track

A solid running track can provide a solid surface that would protect the sensitive food pads of your rat. You have to remember that their delicate footpads won’t be able to handle the mesh or harsh metal so it is better to give them a more solid surface.

  1. Open-top Wheel

This is usually called saucer wheels and they are made to prevent your rat from being trap inside the wheel. As the name implies, the top of the wheel is open so the rat can safely go in and out any time he wants.

The Best Rat Wheels in the Market

Choosing a rat wheel should always be done with care because the safety of your pet rat depends on it. We are not saying that some wheels are dangerous, but just to be safe, you need to be very careful. There are certain features that you would want to have in a rat wheel so we will just give you a list of products that are deemed safe and high quality.

  1. Kaytee Silent Spinner Exercise Wheel

The Kaytee Silent Spinner Exercise Wheel is one of the best in the market simply because it is one of the simplest that you can find right now.

When it comes to exercise wheels for rats, you don’t need to look for fancy wheels as they usually cause injuries. If there are too many accessories on the exercise wheel, your rat may not actually enjoy using it.

The Kaytee Silent Spinner Exercise Wheel is made for quiet spinning so your pet rats will be able to enjoy the wheel without the noise coming from it.

This wheel also encourages healthy exercise and your pet rat will surely benefit greatly from this. The exercise wheel has a diameter of 12 inches so your pet rat would fit perfectly inside it.

It also comes in different colors, but it seems that you won’t be able to choose the color yourself. The manufacturer will send random color to you.

  1. Nail-O-Matic Insert PLUS Wodent Wheel Senior & Tail Shield

The Nail-O-Matic Insert PLUS Wodent Wheel Senior & Tail Shield is one of the most popular in the market today and a lot of pet rat owners are using this because of its amazing and unique features.

The Nail-O-Matic Insert PLUS Wodent Wheel Senior & Tail Shield has dimensions of 7 x 12.4 x 7.8 inches and it has a diameter of 11 inches, weighing about one pound.

It is not too heavy and the diameter is just right for your pet rats. Although 11 inches is on the smaller side, this is pretty much the standard for rat wheels.

This product is actually a combination of the Wodent Wheel Senior and Nail-o-Matic and it has been extremely successful.

The Nail-o-Matic is actually a removal trimmer and it has an abrasive surface that would help you trim the nails of your rat efficiently.

The product also features a wall-to-wall inner plastic track that covers the axle. Due to this, the axle and tail contact will actually be minimized and prevent injuries.

There are also five entry holes in this rat wheel and it will surely attract your pet rats. You have to know that these rats love to climb in and start gliding for hours.

It is an amazing piece of equipment for your pet rats, but make sure that you clean it regularly.

  1. Suncoast Sugar Gliders Wodent Wheel Senior

In terms of appearance and functionality, the Suncoast Sugar Gliders Wodent Wheel Senior is one of the best in the market. It is made specifically for small pets and your pet rats will surely fit perfectly on this wheel with its 11-inch diameter.

The Suncoast Sugar Gliders Wodent Wheel Senior has a closed wheel design that would guarantee that your rats will stay inside and won’t stumble while using the wheels. Although it is a closed design, they can easily go in and out anytime they want.

The product includes a tail shield as well as a Nail-O-Matic nail trimmer that would help in trimming down the nails of your pets while it is running on the wheel. This is pretty amazing because you won’t have to manually trim their nails. As long as they play inside it, their nails will always stay trimmed.

The nail trimmer, as well as the wheels, can be washed easily so you can just remove it and wash it on your faucet. It comes with a wall-to-wall plastic inner track that would hide the axle so tail-axle injuries can be prevented completely.

You don’t need to worry about the safety of your pets because this exercise while got you covered.

  1. Rodent – Semi-Enclosed Exercise Wodent Wheel

The Rodent – Semi-Enclosed Exercise Wodent Wheel is also a popular choice because it is very easy to clean and you can easily install it.

This product has dimensions of 21 x 13 x 7 inches and it weighs around 2 pounds. The diameter is 12 inches so it is the perfect size for your pet rats to exercise freely.

Most people are having a hard time choosing a wheel for their male rats because they are often bigger. Well, most wheels are made for smaller pets so most male rats experience injuries.

However, this wheel is definitely the best because it is big enough to make sure that even bigger pet rats can enjoy it without being injured. This product was made specifically for larger rats.

The Rodent – Semi-Enclosed Exercise Wodent Wheel currently has a very simple enclosed design along with three entry holes.

Because of these holes, your pet rats will surely be interested to try it over and over again. Also, many people love this wheel because you can assemble and disassemble it with ease.

It is made from strong and safe plastic that was recycled so it is environment-friendly as well. The base was made from heavy gauge steel to help provide better support and stability.

  1. Quality Cage Crafters 15″ Chin Spin Chinchilla Wheel

When it comes to quality and spinning wheels, Quality Cage Crafters is definitely the best choice. This is an American brand that provides amazing handmade wheels for your pets.

This wheel is actually made for Chinchillas, but it is also a good choice for pet rats and hamsters.

Most of you are probably wondering how this wheel made it to the list if it is not made for pet rats specifically. It is because of its features.

This spinning wheel actually has a 15-inch diameter. This is the biggest wheel on this list and it is also one of the most popular as it is big enough for different pets. Its flexibility is the main reason why it is highly sought after.

The back part of the wheel is made from the best quality wood and it is placed on a thick metal sheet. This will guarantee that the wheel would be steady and it would be sturdy enough to support the weight of the rat.

The surface also has a coating of silver vein power and you can expect that the edges are not sharp so they won’t harm your pet rats. The wheel can also be placed to wire cages with the use of the hardware supply that is already included.


This list only implies that you need to be very careful on the exercise wheel that you will buy for your pet rats. One mistake can actually cause harm to your pet rats. You just have to know the best rat wheels including the features that you need to look for.

It is also better to buy a known brand because they can make sure that the product would have the best quality. Don’t hesitate to buy the best one for your pet rats if you want them to stay healthy and strong.

Best Hamster Cage Mon, 06 Jan 2020 03:45:43 +0000 Hamsters are a nice type of pets that kids like them very much. Indeed, they’re a great pet for the people of the most age groups. Hamsters are extremely ideal for small houses and for those people who don’t have enough time to look after a cat or dog.

It’s because they’re simple to take care of and provides lots of delight to their raising people. However, they’re not completely free of maintenance. It means that they also need some care for their food, attention, cleaning their cage, and some others.

When it comes to choosing their cage, you have to choose the best hamster cage for them. It’ll ensure their healthy living with better space for their exercise and playing. Well, let’s know about some best and top quality hamster cages for your little buddy.

Best Hamster Cage Reviews

1. Ferplast Hamster Cage

Ferplast is very expensive cage among others are available out there. This is a hamster cage with a double level that allows your pet to go top level to get their food and water.

In the down level, it can exercise, dig under the wood chips, and roam. Notably, the lower part of the cage has made of plastic.

As a result, the chips will not overflow on the shelf or table where the cage is staying. Besides, its exercise wheel has added by plastic-made with grip bumps. Because the cage has not made by metal, your pet will not find their foot when they’ll run.

Its upper cage is made of wire and the bottom layer with a plastic bowl. Thus, it ensures the essential stability while using and cleaning.

Also, it has a larger exercise wheel that has extended to two levels. You can like up the lower level of the cage using a thicker wood shavings pad.


  • Simple to clean
  • Essential accessories
  • Modular design
  • Well made


  • Very expensive

2. MidWest Homes Hamster Cage

This one is a high-visibility pet cage suitable for your hamster from the production line of MidWest Homes. It’s easy to summarize in short: levels galore.

When you’ll open the cage, you’ll find two different spaces in it. The bottom level of the cage has comprised of the base of the cage.

At this level, your little pet will eat and drink along with burrow in the wood-made shavings. Also, a tunnel is out there that goes to the top-level to bring it upstairs. You can fold the cage closed for travel to make it a carrying compartment.

The top lid plus bottom of the cage has made with a strong plastic. Moreover, the cage comes with a durable metal grid. When it comes to the upstairs, your hamster will enjoy different levels with a wheel to exercise, and a secret hut.


  • Innovate with vertical design
  • Extremely visible
  • Durable metal grid
  • Folding top


  • A bit larger exercise wheel

3. Prevue’s Pet Products 528 Universal Animal Home

Prevue presents the great pet cage that allows your hamster to enjoy its bottom basin. Also, the cage is good to climb up to eat food on the upper level. The measurement of the cage is 39-inch by 19-inch respectively in length and width.

Furthermore, the height of the cage is 17-inch that ensures getting enough space for your hamster. That means that the cage is large enough and you’ll not need to buy another one for extra room.

The upper part of the cage comes with easy to unclasp method from its lower basin to clean it in simple.

Moreover, it allows trouble-free access as the hatches are easy to open at its top plus front. With a 6.25-inch whopping, the basin has extended deep.

This is why it lets the cage get a bit more loads of its wood shavings along with exploring tunnels.


  • Large in size
  • Basin is extra deep
  • Strong build
  • Simple to clean


  • Not much durable

4. Lixit Animal Care Hamster Cage

If you’re looking for a multicolored combination of different stuff in a single cage then your search ends here. You can take the hamster cage that’s coming from the production house of Lixit. The cage is easy to carry because of two handles.

These handles prevent your pet from tipping to left as well as right sides while transporting it. The basin of the cage has made with a strong, blue-color plastic, which is right for thicker levels of wooden chips.

The measurement of the cage is 31.5-inch by 20-inch in length and width where the height is 20-inch.

As a result, the cage is large enough to provide your pet more space for vertical climbing with extra room for its exercise and running.

The whole thing of the cage is extra because its tube tunnel is double level and two domed climbing plus food storing areas.


  • Many tunnels & pathways
  • Deep basin
  • Easy to transport
  • Double-level


  • Color combination may not be matched with your home interior

5. Kaytee CritterTrail Hamster Cage With 2-Level Habitat

Kaytee offers the CritterTrail hamster cage that comes with bright colors and transparent plastic props. The cage has a combination of plastic and metal as its grid has made with metal and it’s enough high to give you more space for running and climbing.

Also, its translucent and deep basin is much deep for wooden chips. When you need to give its food inside of the cage, you’ll get an easy access point from its top side’s door. Moreover, it’s simple to lift the lid off while adding props and cleaning inside of the cage.

Some more inclusions offer your pet lots of space for exercise and exploration. These include 3 tunnels, 2-floor platforms, and a wheel to exercise. Besides, the cage comes with a food/water dish that’s effortless to set in the base of its basin.


  • Many pathways for winding
  • Brilliantly colored
  • Easy visibility
  • Great tunnel system


  • Not suitable for adult pets

6. Hamster And Small Animal Home/Cage

This is a bit conservative type of hamster cage that was designed to fit with the most home décor. Such as, its basin, bowls, and ramps make a woodsy and calm home background for your small buddy.

Also, it has a naturalistic platform and lids in green color help you to get a look of naturalistic.

This is how your hamster will feel that it’s living in the real forest. With a 19-inch height, this cage is a bit expansive while extending up to the maximum measurement.

You can clean and access it easily because of the unfasten options from the lower part of the basin.

Moreover, there are also a sliding door and flap of the roof to access in simple. In its basin, you’ll find a wheel for exercise that allows your pet to regular exercise.

This is because your little buddy will remain safe and secure while exercising and running through it.


  • Multiple layers
  • Multiple points to access
  • Hanging platform
  • Upper cabin


  • Difficult to place food in corners

7. Habitrail Cristal Hamster Cage

Among the crowd of the multicolored cages, the Habitrail Cristal has achieved a bit different and bright look. But, it’ll not overwhelm you with matching and mixing primary colors.

For example, the vivid orange color comes with the design to make a cherry along with a cool appearance.

You can use it easily throughout the big side hatch that makes you able to add treats and clean the cage without making it apart.

It’s unlatched for the entire cleaning as necessary though. The measurement of the cage is 16-inch by 10-inch in length and width.

As a result, your pet will get enough space to eat, sleep, and explore. Also, the cage is made of strong plastic with a lot of space from breathing without allowing your hamster to escape.

Besides, there are more extras including water dispenser, feeding dish, and exercise wheel. Despite having this feeding dish with the cage, it also comes with a different treat box.


  • Modular caging system
  • Bright looking
  • Lots of accessories
  • Simple to clean


  • Not much durable

8. GalaPet Hamster & Guinea Pig Cage

You can accommodate pets like hamsters and guinea pigs in this cage. This cage has made with metal from clasps to its bottom where the basin is plastic made with lots of useful accessories. These all might get grasped to the rails of metal.

Among the extras, you’ll find an exercise wheel to go beyond and a prop to climb up of planks and spheres. Since the prop wobbles in nature when your pet climbs, you’ll find the feeling of climbing a tree. That means it helps to provide the real stimulation and exercise.

Likewise, your pet needs a ladder to climb up the cage by its side and a swing of chain-suspended that allows it to eat and sit in. After all activities, your pet will get a good respite with its water dispenser while the upper level has many more things to explore.


  • The entire wood props
  • Unique swinging prop
  • Included a ladder
  • Modular Design


  • The issue with chain swing

9. Habitrail Twist Hamster Cage

This is another suitable and popular cage for your hamster from the production house of Habitrail. The cage has designed in modular type while allowing you to get a connection with different tunnels and pipes to the sides of the cage.

When the tunnels have attached, they can take your pet back about to the reverse side. Also, you have the opportunity to connect them to extra cages. While talking about the making quality of the cage, it comes with multicolored plastic.

So, it allows you easy viewing of your pet from all angles. Besides, a deep basin is out there that’s easy to use for bigger treats like apple chunks and thick carrots. Also, you can make it accommodate a thicker cushion that is made of timber chips.


  • Modular design
  • Many accessories
  • Multicolored plastic
  • Deep basin


  • The issue with a wheel that traps the pet’s leg

10. Yaheetech 37’’ X52” Metal Ferret Cage

This is a ferret cage and its double in size of a standard hamster cage. It’s why the cage is the largest one among many other metal cages is available out there.

The cage comes with a height of 36-inch to ensure enough space for your hamster to run, exercise, and climb.

It has two doors in different positions that make sure you simple access to upper and lower parts of the cage. Moreover, the cage site on strong casters that allows you to take it from one room to another one when needed.

There are 3 levels and all of them have joined by ramps that are made of metal grid. This is why your pet can eat and sit on the high.


  • Metal construction
  • Large in size
  • Simply movable
  • Sits on casters


  • Needs a bit modification

Frequently Asked Questions About The Best Hamster Cage

What Stuff Do My Hamsters Want in Its Cage?

Usually, it needs some substrate or bedding for the cage’s bottom side because it allows your hamsters to hide and burrow as they’re in the woodland.

Also, they want a water dish or water bottle while the stopped bottle is much useful than a dish. It’s because the dish makes much mess than a bottle.

Should I Cover My Hamster Cage At Night?

No, you must not. Hamsters like to be more dynamic at night because they’re nocturnal creatures. They sleep while the day time.

What Should I Do To Keep My Hamster Healthy In A Cage?

When you think about the good health of your hamsters, proper ventilation along with a clean cage is very crucial. If you don’t keep the cage clean right way, it’ll gather urine and make your pet sick.

How Big Should A Cage Be?

The minimum measurement of the hamster cage is 24-inch X12-inch X 12-inch. They usually need larger cages which is why the larger, the better.


You have learned about the best hamster cage and different brands and models of them through the above-said topics. Also, there are some FAQs and these all will help you to choose the right and useful hamster cage that you’re looking for your pet.

In the list, we have added the most popular as well as suitable cages. So, if you choose from one of them, you’ll get the best one. Now, the decision is yours and you can do some more researches while you needed.

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Best Hamster Food Mon, 06 Jan 2020 03:26:37 +0000 Hamsters are great fun pets for many people around the world. They need something more than just getting food.  Along with the right things, you must serve it the high-quality, suitable, and the best hamster food. Another reason is that these little buddies lead a short period of life.

This is why you have to provide them the suitable food that will help them make longer their lives. In return, they’ll be making you as well as your family fun and entertaining for an extended time.

It’s the reason that has led us to share your top five best hamster foods that will keep your pet healthy and happy. Also, you’ll get a buying guide and some frequently asked questions with the reviews that will help you to find the right food for your hamster.

Best Hamster Food Reviews

1. Kaytee’s Forti Diet Pro Health Hamster Food

Hamsters are little creatures, but they need the best and right food. If you provide them the suitable and healthy food, they’ll be remaining as energetic as active.

This is because Kaytee presents pet foods and other pet-related things for more than 50 years.

The manufacturer knows what is best and perfect for your little buddy to keep them healthy, happy, and live longer lives.

The food of Kaytee comes with the selected natural ingredients that have fortified with essential vitamins as well as minerals.

This is how it ensures your hamster remains fit for playing and make fun for you. Also, this food has pre plus probiotics that make sure your pet’s digestive health. With various sizes of textures, it provides the right amount of ground while keeping sharp and healthy teeth.

Moreover, you’ll avail your hamster some other added things like essential antioxidants. They’ll help you to make promote the strong immune system of your pet. As a result, your small pet will enjoy a happy life in their cage.

At the same time, you can make sure that you’re providing them the best food they need to live well. The pack of the food will bring you five pounds of high-quality food where the weight is mostly constant.

This food for your hamster doesn’t come by shorting from the seeds of sunflowers like some other brands. Apart from the above-said advantages, the price of the food is much reasonable. This is because we can say that the food is the best buy for your little entertainer.


  • Best & trusted brand
  • No extracted from the sunflower’s seeds
  • Affordable in price
  • Food with pre plus probiotics


  • Freshness issue with 25lbs bag

2. Oxbow Animal Health Hamster & Gerbil Fortified Feeds

Oxbow offers thirty meals in every bag while supplying the whole thing that your pet needs to make satisfied at each time you feed it.

With every bite, the food provides oats and barley along with another secret ingredient, Timothy Hay, to make your hamster wild.

It’ll clean your pet’s teeth with every nibble. Not just this, it also doesn’t come with sugars or fruit that can make the issue of teeth decay while eating too much. Thus, the food prevents the sweet teeth of your little friend.

As a replacement for sugars and fruit, this high-quality food contains additional fiver. This is why it helps you to keep the digestive system well enough by this food that ensures perfect health.

If you give the food to your pet, you’re also free of stress thinking about added colors, artificial ingredients, and additives.

Because these harmful things have not added to this food, they can’t do any negative affect on the health of your hamster. So, you can feed your pet this food without any anxiety as it comes with all-natural things.

Also, these things have selected manually to ensure the best quality and healthy along with the happy life of the hamster. When it comes to the essential minerals and vitamins, it contains most of them with enough calcium.

You’ll get the food that’s completely suitable for the pet to keep them in the state of tip-top. The food is indeed a bit expensive, but it’ll ensure the best things for your beloved pet that make you entertain all the time.


  • Provides oats and barley
  • Very appetizing
  • Nutritional
  • Natural ingredients


  • A bit expensive

3. Wild Harvest | WH-83543 Advanced Nutrition Food for Hamsters

This favorite hamster food comes with about five pounds treats in a flip-top pack. The food is simple to dig out just about the exact amount of pet food that needs it daily basis.

With this food, you’ll be able to provide your pet the blend of fruits, grains, and vegetables.

It means that this is a properly balanced diet to make sure endurance, strong bones, and better vision. Also, it indicates that this food does not just keep your hamster healthy; it’ll make it energetic and happy while eating a meal.

As a result, you can ensure that your pet is getting an appropriate amount of fiber, vitamins, protein, and other essential things that need to keep them strong. Apart from keeping your hamster healthy, these ingredients help them lead a longer life.

And it’s simple to understand if your pet is happy and healthy enough; it’ll live some extended number of days to years.

Because of having important minerals with other ingredients, you can keep your pet playful. Likewise, you’ll be able to lead a fun life with your pet with you.

Also, you’ll not need to care for any on the earth to keep happy. It’s because this hamster diet has consisted of the whole thing that your little friend needs.

That means if you give this food to your hamster, you’ll find it finished in the morning. And it might need a bit more of the amount you served last night. So, we can say that this is the best hamster food among many other brands.


  • Comes with a flip-top pack
  • Food remains fresh longer
  • Selected ingredients
  • Enriched all essential nutrients


  • Somewhat expensive

4. Kaytee Fiesta Hamster Food

This is another ideal food for your loving hamster, which is a blend of fruit, grains, and veggies. It has nice textures to avail of essential nutrition to the little one. At the same time, the food is as tasty as it likes to get treat several times a day.

Also, this whole natural food contains most of the essential stuff like vitamins, probiotics, minerals, and whatever is needed for the healthy life of the hamster. If you keep it in sound health, it’ll also give enough fun and pleasure to reduce your mental stress.

This is how you as well as your little buddy can go together for many years for lots of exciting activities. While the pack comes with sealed, you can keep the food fresh for a longer time. And when you’ll open the pack, you’ll understand that this food is really suitable for your pet.

Because of having important antioxidants, the food is very vital for the right functionality of the immune system. Moreover, it doesn’t contain sugar or its additives that’s why it has no issue of shortening the life expectancy of your pet.

Instead, the food will bring brim of vim and prepare to entertain and play with you and your kids if you like. Among the ingredients, your pet will get things like carrots, dried bananas, safflower, and flaxseed.

Also, it contains ground oats, dried papaya, ground rice, sweet potatoes, and apples. These things have made the food one of the first choices for most hamster owners.


  • Food with fruit, grains & veggies
  • Extremely appetizing
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Essential nutrients


  • Your pet’s face color may be changed

5. Vitakraft Vita Prima | Sunscription Hamster Food

Finally, we have this food for your dwarf hamster. The food has made a bit different way because this type of hamsters needs some special nutrition other than their larger ones.

So, if you have this type of pet, you need an especially formulated pet food that has essential nutrients for your pet.

Regardless of what the pet needs, you’re all set to feed it this food while it’s having the most types of minerals and vitamins.

Also, it has calcium and all other vital things for the hamster, which is why the food provides extended energy to meet the need for a higher metabolic rate.

Moreover, VitaKraft is full of Omega-3 fatty acids that help to protect and regulate free radicals, which might make impairment of its healthy living.

This is a type of food that has a mixture of the whole things that are essential for your dwarf type of hamster’s needs and like to get in its diet.

It’s because we can say that this one is another great food that your pet will love to get every day. To conclude, it’ll give a bit different textures of veggies with this food.

This food is very suitable for a pet when you’re tired of feeding it with the vet recommended pellet. If we say specifically, this food will prefer the hamsters of Russian, Chinese, and Robo.


  • No added sugar
  • Included minerals & vitamins
  • Very tasty food
  • Many vegetable ingredients


  • A bit more grainy food

Buying Guide For The Best Hamster Foods

The needs of nutrition for the hamsters are not the same at the same amount as it differs in sizes. So, the food you’ll give them should be very effective for their particular needs.

This is why you should know about some factors that influence effectiveness. Below are some essential factors that will help you to choose the right type of food.

Basic Needs Of Hamsters

Like other animals, hamsters also need a better combination of vitamins, protein, minerals, fats, water, and carbohydrates. If you give them food without proper proportion, your hamsters will not be live healthy and happily.

Because of being rodents, their teeth grow continuously. To make their teeth strong with the proper length, you should give them food that they can chew constantly. It could be food or some toys that are chewable.

The Balanced Diet

The formula of a balanced diet for feeding an adult pet is here. For a hamster kid, a pregnant, and a lactating mother need a bit more protein-rich food. The standard protein intake is between 12% – 15% that defers for age groups. Protein is the major player to boost their growth with healthy muscles.

Also, it can be the origin of vegetables and animals. When it comes to the hamsters, it’s better to give them vegetable protein. These may include grains, nuts, and soya.

Some blends come with mixed proteins. But, the notable thing is that mixed proteins are tough to digest for adult pets. Also, they can contain lots of fat that can make them obese. Indeed, the amount of fat in protein should be 3% to 6%.

Ingredients’ Quality

From the beginning, you should ensure that the food has made from healthy and high-quality ingredients. You always should avoid the foods that come with fillers and artificial ingredients.

Also, don’t give them foods that have a big number of corn along with dried foods like raisins. Instead, you can feed the fruits like bananas, grapes, raspberries, and blueberries. But, don’t feed them excessively that will affect their digestive systems.

Food Formulation

Like other pet foods, hamsters’ food should be made with the standard formulation to meet all needs of a balanced diet and nutrients. You have to give them food carefully to ensure their longer lifespan.

Vegan hamsters will rarely nourish on meat and insects. Most of them will consume more foodstuff than other ones. Because they eat at nighttime, it could be challenging to observe their eating habits.

Also, they have a habit of hiding foods when they’re fully in the tummy. So, providing them the right formulated food is very vital.


Regardless of how much your pets like sugary stuff, you always should avoid feeding these things. They don’t need added sugar because they get it from fruits and veggies such as apples, berries, and carrots.

Thus, they get essential sugar content from these things automatically. If you give them extra-sugary items, they’ll make your pet just fat plus sick.


Unlike sugar, hamsters need an amount of salt along with their diet. It helps them to get from thrashing mineral rocks. This is why it’s better to give them a mineral licking. This will ensure getting the essential salt that they need.

Frequently Asked Questions Of The Best Hamster Food

How Much Should I Feed My Hamster?

It depends on their sizes. For example, Dwarf Hamsters and Syrian Hamsters’ daily need is about 10 to 15 grams of food along with 30ml of water every day.

What Can I Do If My Hamster Is Fat?

You always have to keep an eye on the weight change of your pet. It’s important to ensure your pet’s stomach is not getting too round while they’re fairly round naturally. You should begin feeding them less if they do.

When Should I Feed My Hamster?

Most hamster lovers and owners ask the questions commonly. Many people think evening is the best time to feed hamsters because they’re very active at this time.

But, it doesn’t have any proven evidence. Like the domestic ones, wild pets also collect food and store it in pouches. So, you can feed them at any time and it’s best to keep food and they’ll eat when they hungry.


You have found the best hamster food above with the considering factors that you should follow while buying them.

So, you can choose your preferred food from the market and even you can get one from the above-said list. It’s because all of the enlisted foods are great enough and suitable for your loving hamsters.


]]> 1
Best Toys For Hamsters Mon, 06 Jan 2020 03:12:24 +0000 You might need to choose the best toys for hamsters, but you don’t have enough time to visit the market physically. This is why we’re here to help you to bring back from the occupied situation. We’re going to share the top five best hamster toys that are as popular as favorite of the pets.

In this case, we have taken a keen look at lots of websites and buyers’ reviews regarding this issue to offer you the best ones. Providing toys and colorful props to your hamsters are very essential.

It’s because these things help them remain happy and healthy. So, if you’re one of the hamsters’ owners, keep reading on and learn lots about toys and its related topics.

Best Toys For Hamsters Reviews:

1. Rainbow Play Bridge Toy For Hamster

This is a multicolored bridge toy to make great fun for your small pets while playing with it. The toy can fit many small creatures due to their flexibility.

Also, you can give it your pet for fun that will help them keep the boredom away. In addition, it has made from harmless materials.

As a result, your pet can chew it on and this way it helps to keep the teeth of your pet healthy while completing the need of the chewing.

The measurement of the toy is about (3.2X2.8X5.5) inches and it’s big enough for your feathery pets to sleep under this one while getting tired.

In its given dimensions, the interesting point is that the toy is enough size to make use of your pets like hamsters and gerbils along with mice.

This is why it makes sense of safety to put it inside the cage. Moreover, it comes with a rainbow option in design that has been drawn on the bridge’s arc.

So, it can get an advantage of colorful surroundings for the most enclosure. Because of being very appealing and colorful, the toy can be a vivid pop that will make your pet’s home more comfortable and nicer to live in.

Besides, the toy will help your pet to avail requirement of gnawing as it has made with natural stuff. That’s why the toy is safe for your pet even if chew it.

Also, these hamster toys come with an unrivaled collection with something for all types of pets form larger ones to very large at heart.


  • Colorful & fun toy
  • Pets can get asleep under it
  • Safe to chew
  • Ideal for the most types of small pets


  • Some pets may not be interested in it

2. Activity Suspension Bridge From Rosewood Pet For Hamster Toy

Rosewood Pet presents another great designed hamster toy that your pet will like to do different activities.

Since the item has constructed wisely, most types of pets like to use it for playing, exercising, and many more activities. The toy has an intricate design, which is why it’s very tempting to your pet.

As a result, it’ll help your little friend keep busy for a longer time on end and it’ll not be feeling bored.

Like other hamster toys of the manufacturer, the bridge has made from safe and natural materials like wood. This is why you can allow them to chew the toy that will not make any harm.

Instead, it’ll help them fill the need of getting some ways of chewing and making their teeth stronger. It doesn’t matter the toy comes without assembled; you can do it easily by keeping the whole thing together.

The recommendation for your pet’s good health is that you always should avoid using toxic glues when you’ll assemble the bridge toy.

This is a very flexible bridge that measures (3.9x 11x 7.9) inches. While looking for suspending it from your cage’s roof, it’ll allow your pet climbing and clambering across the toy regularly.

The best thing about the toy is if you take to look at the reviews of the item, you’ll find most buyers of this toy are happy to use for their pet.

This is why we recommend this item for your hamster because of its easy accessibility and plenty of props to do different activities. These all will keep your little buddy busy and happy as well.


  • Prepared from safe wood
  • Simple to assemble
  • Fuel up your pet
  • Lots of scope of activities


  • Some pets are scared of this toy

3. Sleep ‘n’ Play Cheese Hamster & Small Animal Toy

This toy comes with a nice design for your hamster that your hamster will like to do different activities. Also, other types of pets will like to use the toy for different activities because of the item has made with great design. The largest benefit of the product is that it’s very big in dimension.

Just with 4.7-inch of height, the toy could the right choice for most types of smaller pets. The toy has made with two parts that are very easy to assemble and anybody can do it.

Moreover, there are many ways to assemble it that depend on your pet’s preference and the space they have in the cage.

Like other similar items, this one is also made versatility that allows you to make the toy look as it’s a cube. If you build it in this shape, it’ll provide your pet a private and safe space where it’ll feel very secure and comfortable.

The made materials are also safe enough to chew and they help your hamster to stimulate the need for chewing to make teeth stronger.

This fun and the rustic alternative are great and suitable for most types of small pets, like hamsters, mice, and gerbils.

If you avail of this item to your pet-loving friends, they’ll think it as the best gift from their small pets. Another great thing about the toy is that it’s as non-toxic as very sizable.


  • Larger in dimension
  • Very flexible item
  • Fits for the most pet
  • Great design


  • Sharp edges of the item

4. Ware Manufacturing Fun Tunnels Playing Tube for Small Pets

Most hamsters are fond of running and hiding. If your pet is one of them, this is the right product for it to keep them busy and contended.

This toy is about 30-inch long and you can avail it to the most types of small pets. These include hamsters, dwarf bunnies, and guinea pigs.

The item has made from tough plastic, so it doesn’t stain very soon. Because of its higher flexibility, you can get it for the pet that you have without any stress.

You also can store the product when your hamster has done its playing with the toy. The measure of the tunnels is (30X4X4) inches.

While providing this item to your pets, it’ll allow them to hide plus run inside. This is a very good thing because it motivates them to remain busy with different activities. Thus, you can keep the boredom of your pet away using this item.

To use it safely, it’s advised you have to read the user’s manual that comes with the toys before you use the toy for the first time. As it may incite intestinal obstructions, you should avoid allowing your pets to gnaw it.

Regardless of your hamster’s size, it’s a nice addition to make it happy with simple effort. It doesn’t matter the toy has made with plastic; it’ll not lose the original shape. Also, it resists the items from staining and you can give it to more than a single pet at a time.


  • Good for the most types of pets
  • Made from a durable plastic
  • Washable while dirty
  • Easy to bend & store


  • Can’t chew the toy

5. Kaytee’s Igloo Hideaway Colors Vary

This is an item that is a cool place to hide and run along with many other activities. The useful and attractive toy has come from the renowned pet product producer Kaytee.

This product has made of durable plastic that’s hard to tear with simple effort. Also, it’s very easy to clean when gets dirty because of this material.

You just need to rinse with enough water sometimes while getting filthy. Moreover, it has made with the feature of stain-resistant.

As a result, it allows you to use without getting the stress of discoloring the toy. With its given design, the item can motivate your pet to make a natural nest that it has.

You don’t need to spend extra time assembling the toy because it comes with the construction of one single piece. This 8-inch long product is largely suitable for most types of small pets like a hamster, rats, gerbils, and many more.

But, you also can choose from some other sizes according to your pet’s right accommodation. Apart from the availability of various sizes, it also comes in different colors. This is why it’s easy to match with the common theme of your pet’s habit.


  • Made of clear plastic
  • Durable model
  • Quite affordable
  • Stain-resistant


  • Not safe for chewing

Buying Guide Of The Best Hamster Toys

You need to be very careful while going to choose toys for your hamster. But, you’re all set if you know some considerable things regarding pet’s toys. Well, let’s know what you should know about before you go shopping for toys for your little buddy.


This factor should always consider as the first and foremost one. You have to do some researches on the items that you’re going to buy. Check the reviews of the previous users of the same product where you’ll be able to know about the safety and security of the item.

If you find some users have reported about the issues and dangers of the toy, it’ll make you able to find out the right and safe toy for your hamster.


Usually, hamster’s toys are made of natural, safe, and harmless materials. If you find any type of ingredients and substance has added that are toxic, simply avoid that one. Toxic materials are very harmful to your pets and even they can life-threatening.

Because hamsters are extremely food sensitive, you have to encircle them with the plaything that is safe to chew and edible. Your hamster will be in the hazard zone if it’s made materials contain dangerous things to consume.


You don’t buy playthings for your hamster every week. So, it doesn’t matter what type of toys you’re going to buy, ensure the longer durability of the toys.

Like other factors, check the reviews of the previous users where you’ll be able to know about the durability of the item. The best thing while it’s the issue of durability is that chooses the toys that have enough warranty. You always should avoid buying cheaper toys that don’t last long.


Of course, size matters for hamster toys. Getting the right size of toys is very crucial to motivate your pet to interact right away.

If you shop the very bigger or smaller toys in contrast to their size, they’ll not respond positively. So, choose the right size of toys that your hamster feel good to play with.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs – On The Best Hamster Toys

How Frequently Should I Have Fun With My Pet Like Hamster?

Like other pets and your babies, hamsters also need your attention. So, it’s important to get some time to spend with these little friends when they show you the signals. There is no restriction of time to play and make fun with your hamsters.

How Regularly Should I Replace The Chews Your Hamsters Consumes?

Hamsters like to chew their toys like they eat food and the toys become damp. When they’re damp, they attract nearby bacteria, which is why your pet may befall in infections. But, if you change the toys every month, you can prevent the issue.

What Type Of Toys Should I Give Them To Play?

We already know that hamsters are quite playful pets. But, you have to know their habits and instinct in case of giving them the perfect toys. The toys we have reviewed above, all are suitable for the most types of small pets like hamsters.


Finding the right and best hamster toys could be a bit difficult if you’re going to buy them without knowing the above-said factors and reviews. But, you’re all set and nothing to worry as you have read the entire content.

It’s because we have discussed many things in it from the product review to buying guides and frequently asked questions about the best hamster toy.